Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Countdown to First Race - Day 4

My intention was to go for an early run today at about 5.30am - 6am since I couldnt run yesterday and it became my day of rest. Woke up at 5am, looked at my watch and figured I had about 30 more minutes to nip and the next thing I knew, it was 2 hours later. Running shelved.

Went powerwalking in the evening instead. Mapped out a 10km route thanks to runlondon and set off. The journey took about 2hrs, 40 minutes with a 10 minute stop at Argos to get some rechargeable batteries for my mp3 and another 10-15 minute pit stop at my friends place at the 6km mark.

At the 8km mark, my speed slowed down a bit cos I was getting tired but trudged on till the end. My body feels ok right now, just that my thighs hurt a little bit but I'm sure I'll be ok tomorrow. I intend to run tomorrow and on friday too unfailingly - if only I can wake up at the right time and stay awake too. LOL!!


  1. Mmamma i'm so mad...after spending painstaking effort to publish a comment on the lovely Princess' blog, i couldn't post it cos i don't have a google account! Wish i'd read that before embarking on my "failed mission" (LOL). I noticed Princess cos of the jibe she poked at me on your blog (Princess take ya time oo- LOL) & i love her blog; that love powder story got me ROTFLMAO big time...Makes a change from reading Ubong da's dirrrty blog. Visited it cos you listed it as one of your favourites & as our fellow country man, this raised my curiousity. After reading the first 3 stories, i'd had, i felt like i'd stumbled upon some sorta random xrated...wo...ain't judging (just my 2 cents) & no offence, but it ain't ma cuppa m8 (n'a mean?)...he also doesn't mention using protection in the "unleashing the tiger" story- abi is that what it's called- can't remember)...hmmm, in this day & age of HIV...
    By da way, wetin you dey fain 4 dia sef??? abi u dey fain tips to practice wit ya oga???!!! LOL...mbok ku biat eti ete oro oo (abeg no spoil dat beta yentleman oo) LOL LOL LOL.
    Don't know when i'd have time to go through all your favourite blog spots, but would try when i get a break from my l'il un (pls warn me about any more nasty surprises oo- LOL). What's up with Mrs Somebody also? She's suddenly gone AWOL on me. Eh eh Mrs Somebody, na so? After i don spend hours for phone convince you make you take up Atkins, you don take d advice throwe d adviser shei? Ok oo...would ring you lot by weekend babes. Stay cool. Peace out.

    Your friend in Catford.


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