Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Countdown to First Race - Day 5

Thanks to Abimars who sent me an email and I got several useful links from her page. Amongst them one link detailing a training plan for those who want to progress from sitting on the couch to running a 5k race. Its called Couch25k. There are loads of podcasts too you can download to listen to while running. Downloaded all the podcasts and anyone who is interested can go there too and have a look.

There's this group of ladies I run with and yesterday was so wet, I almost didnt go. Decided to go in the end since I had promised myself that I would run on Monday and Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, run again on Thursday and Friday and rest on Saturday in preparation for my big day on Sunday. Big Day ke?!?!?! It shouldnt last more than an hour! LOL!!

We started well and I kept to my own pace and didnt mind others. Come to think of it, I think the fast runners didnt turn up. About 10 minutes into the race, I started feeling some pain on the front muscles between my knee and my ankle (forgotten what they are called) and had to walk a bit. Tried to ignore the pain and run a bit more but it wasnt pleasant and the trainer soon came to run with me and asked what the matter was and told me to take it easy. In my mind I was like, I simply cant afford to be injured at this time! How can I pull out of the races I have looked forward to running so much? While she was running beside me, the pain went away a bit cos we were talking to each other and running and she mentioned that it could be a shin or ankle injury and I could go and see a doctor or physiotherapist to be sure. Maybe my problem is I havent any one to talk to while I run or what? LOL!! Spoilt Brat!

I made it to the finish line eventually in about 50 - 55 minutes I think did my stretches then set out on my journey back home. The pain had gone away by the time I got back home. Did my home work outs and took painkillers.


  1. Wow.. that podcast idea is FANTASTIC!!!! Just checked out the links...

    Good luck and remember, the days before the race, you should take things easy...

  2. Clap! Clap!! Clap!!!
    Well done babes, I'm proud of you.
    Let me get me fat behind up to do some exercise....or maybe i'll just skip lunch and tour Blogville...

  3. Wow!..i think God has blessed me with a very determined friend here abih?...congrats girl,for making it to the finish line.Waiting anxiously for the next round.Good luck ehh? We are very much behind you..

  4. Way to go girl. Keep up the good work I'm sure you'll see the results soon.

    Good luck.

    Hey, have you heard from Beautiful mrs Somebody, looks like she's gone missing. I think you need to plant an AD on Ur site for her (lol)


  5. I started the Couch 2 5K a while back and fell off. I found it quite easy though for one who had not done any running in years.

  6. You're such an inspiration. i can hardly wait to get to your level, Go girl!

  7. Goodluck girl..
    we're rooting for you!


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