Monday, June 18, 2007

Fathers Day

Fathers Day has come and gone. Happy Fathers day to all the men in blogville and all the fathers out there. You are all greatly appreciated. For me, fathers day was spent hitting the shops .......... getting a present for my man. He is afterall going to be the father of my kids so I figured we might as well start celebrating fathers day together early. I had planned to take him out but he was busy trying to meet his deadline (as usual) so I headed off to the shops to buy some presents for him. Being the naughty girl that I am, I decided on getting him some aftershave and fragrances - but only those that came with free gifts attached so I could get something on the side and more value for my money too. LOL!!

My race pack for my July 1st race arrived today. The days draw closer and all of the sudden, there never seems to be enough hours in any one day for me to train. Am I becoming boring? All I seem to be talking about nowadays seems to be my upcoming raceor my weight loss. Talking about my weight loss - my body is STUBBORN!! Ah ah!! Since April, the silly weight has been yoyoing steadfastly between 85kg and 88kg. Lord!! I look forward to going below the 85kg mark and maybe I'll throw a party when I finally hit that mark. That will be the day!

I'll share a bit of the purchases I have made lately with you guys. 3kg, 2kg and 1kg Dumbells and 0.5kg Ankle and Hand Weights:

Personally, Methinks I am becoming a little bit vain. These ones arrived today:

I'm loving this exercise book. The exercises are illustrated vividly and I'm hoping they'll work wonders if only I'll be steadfast. I'm loving it though. And this one too:

This is my vain side rearing its head. I was hoping for an audio book but the audio CD seems to conatin only audio exercises for each chapter in the book. Lets see how it goes. If I dont like it enough, may send it back to the seller before the return window closes.

I'm still expecting these purchases below. Maybe they'll arrive in the post tomorrow or during the week as they were ordered from the same suppliers. The purchases I'm still expecting are:

Will keep you guys posted when they arrive and if I'm making good use of them. Do have a lovely week ahead folks.
P.S :- The remaining purchases I was expecting are now firmly in my possession.


  1. Get rid of your accent??????


    there's a book on it?

  2. i'm third and i need a 6-pack..( beer not abs)

  3. Getting rid of your accent???????? Very very interesting...

    Yeah the Fit For Your Shape(Vickii's recommendation)is so good! I did a Home workout from it this morning.

  4. Getting rid of your accent? Okay..its official, i am off to write a book.....

  5. d fit for ur shape book is good. bought it 3yrs ago in Abuja. only challenge was finding a gym with all or at least most of the equipment for the gym workouts. I use the home workout more frequently, obviously.

    Wot accent do you acquire from using d how to lose ur accent book?

  6. This accent thing is hilarious as in ru trying to get rid of urs? And why? I will be shouting this post out soon xxx

  7. Ok babe, i can understand ur wanting to lose the pounds but ur accent? or do u have one of those calabar accents,(wink)?dont worry,we still love you with or without it.

  8. hahahaha, what makes you think I can sing? Btw, if I wish to sing, they'd pro'ly not let me sing what I want and I know I can sing, so...

    Anyways, thanks for the props!!! :D

    And what r u doing with "Get Rid of your Accent"? tsk tsk tsk...I beg reave the tin as he be jere! :P It isn't like I'd think it's that bad?

  9. LO hard and LOUD! You are funny for real, tell me, what kind of accent do you have??

  10. I believe im as baffled as every1 else on the accent book,lol, ur 2funny CG! Pls put that voiceplayer up let hea this accent!

  11. Wow, you're taking this very seriously. You're investing in your dream, you go girl !!

  12. hey pple our contestants have sang their r n b song pls go and vote for ur favorite...pls help us make this contest succesful by voting..tanx

  13. My Sister whats all this get rid of your accent stuf????

    I hope hubby loved all the prezzies!


  14. You all had me in stitches with your comments. No, I dont have a horrible calabar accent. I just want to improve my diction, phonetics and pronunciation thats all. LOL!!

    I'll put up my 'before' and 'after' accents when I've had enough practice and training - in about 6 months. LOL!!

  15. Nice of you to do ya man proud with them gifts. Don't worry, the weight thingy will work itself down in due course. It must respond to all the attention you're giving it, whether it likes it or not! Period!

  16. The get rid of your accent book is a reap off don't do it. I know a couple that paid too much money for classes on changing their yoruba accent. Too say they need to sue the school is an understatement.
    Their accent is possibly worse than it was before.

  17. hey sweets...there's a book for everything nowadays..pls does the book help peeps with h factor..cause since i started making fun of them h factor having peeps..its like ive the h factor thingie happens at times when i least expect it..specially when i am amongst alot of peeps never wen am praying or alone tlkg to my demented self...

    and becomes hand
    egg becomes hegg

    i will never make fun of them again.


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