Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Buki!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUKI!!! Wishing you many, many more happy years ahead!! Your zeal, determination and focus has been an inspiration to a whole lot of us and we all pray that God will grant you the grace and wisdon to live each day in his will. May you and yours be forever covered under the shadow of God's loving wings. Remain Blessed. Cheers.


Woke up on time and we went for our run on time. We ran bouts of 5 - 8 minutes each time and made it to the finishing line of our 5km route in 63 minutes. I'm glad we went today. It was good.


  1. Happy Birthday buki, this lady is most def loved, and calabar gal, the best of strength and wishes on your up coming race.

  2. Thank you so much :-) :-) :-)

  3. Bukola omo mummy is finally 21? Na wa o, small shidren of yesterday! I remember when she used to run around on the street in her rubber pants o. O ga o, young shall indeed grow!

    I remember that time she will come to our house and say Aunty Desola, can I have 10 kobo for kokoro please and I will say, take 20 kobo. buy kokoro and tinko. So my buki is now a woman? small time now she will bring one jambito to me say na the man she one to marry be this.

    Buki, Buki peperenpe, Buki suya,suya. Happy Baffday my lovi. I have brought your adire and sent to Iya shukura for sowing. I know you like shoulder pad so I have donated the foam from my old bed for it. I'm sure it will come out great! Oh, I have a crate of seven up and gala in the backyard for you too. Come and gerrit!

    Happy Birthday Hun. Long Life and prosperity! Hurray!

  4. Happy bday Buki!!! Thats great calabar girl!!!!! Keep at it!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Buki...have a FAB day...Good luck in I seriously envy u o...63mins..that is my own time at the gym...and half of the time I am dancing by the water machine.

    Keep it up o!!!

  6. U doing great girl!Keep it up!!The only running i ever do these days is in my dreams(lol).

  7. Happy birthday Buki & way 2 go Calabar gal. Princess i'm not happy that i cant leave comments on your blog oo abi didn't you see the message i left on Calabar gal's blog (Wed June 27) complaining about this. Abeg i love your blog & would love to leave comments so please make it as easy as Calabar gal's...pleez...Calabar gal, i'm very proud of you.

    Your friend in Catford.

    4got 2 tell u: i hv loads of free tickets 2 Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park, Legoland Windsor, Madame Tussauds, Warwick Castle, Sealife Sanctuaries, Flambaris et al. Let me know if you're interested in visiting any of these places & i'd mail u a couple of tickets. U deserve a treat 4 all your hard work gal.

  8. Congrats-o CG.Well done.63 minutes of running???You go girl!!!
    Happy birthday Buki!!!

  9. @LOASCM, LB & Tminx, : Thanks.

    @Desola: You r a proper clown. LOL!!

    @Dimples: Dancing by the Water machine with a guy by ur side huh? LOL!! U could try outdoor running too maybe once a week and see how it goes.

    @Princess: LOL at the only running being in ur dreams. Thats what I used to tell LB a yr ago "I'll be cheering u from my sofa" and now I've joined her. I wouldnt be surprised if u join our running club before the yr is over too. New entrants ae always welcome. (smile)

    @Anonymous: Thanks for the offer. Will take u up on it. You can log in as 'other blogger' if 'anonymous comments' arent enabled on princess blog.

    I think Princess was referring to the anonymous blogger who blogged about the jury in his trial on his blog and not you. I mentioned him in my post - Blissful Weekend and thats who princess was referring to, not you.

    @Mrs Somebody: U and Dimples shouldnt be intimidated at all. I said we spent 63 minutes outside my home from start to finish not that we ran 63 minutes non stop. There were times during that 63 minuites we walked a little bit. LOL!!

  10. All the best at the race CG!

  11. Well done girl. Hard work and determination na your middle name now. Hyphenated of course. I hereby award you a blank virtual shopping coupon that never expires. Hugs


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