Saturday, June 30, 2007

Modelling isnt easy

This video was sent to me via email and couldnt help sharing. Hilarious!! Highlights one of the several travails models go through to make it on the catwalk. Watch the video HERE.

Countdown to First Race - Day 1

I did my final training run yesterday. It was so and so. Didnt feel like running on the streets since everywhere was so wet so I went to the park where I first began to run. It was ok but could have been better. Each lap round the park took me about 7 minutes but I must confess that I didnt complete each lap without stopping. I just dont know what happened. Went 5 more laps round the park with periods of rest in between the laps doing 10 - 20 tricep dips on the park bench . Decided not to push my luck and stress my body too much and finally left the park after an hour.

I am resting today and will be back tomorrow or on Monday to tell how the race went. Although today, I couldnt resist playing with my dumbells and doing a couple of crunches and situps just to get my metabolism going for the day. Just checked the Aasics British 5k website and the news there is that the race will still hold despite the high level of alert in Central London due to the car bombs that were found in Picadilly and Park Lane yesterday.

Trying to get everything I need for tomorrow in place.
Race Trousers - Check
Race Vest - Check
Socks + Running Shoes - Check
Race Number + Safety Pins - Check
Water bottles - Check
Camera & Batteries - Check
Umbrella in case of heavy downpour - Check

The love of my life is coming with me as well as my running partner who refused to enter the race with me to cheer me on. Maybe this race will inspire her to run the other 3 races I have entered into this year with me but whether we will drive into the city is still to be determined due to the high level of security there right now. He is going to be my official paparazzi and will be on 'pap duty' all morning. LOL!! I am so apprehensive and excited at the same time.


  1. Good Luck CG!!!!!!!

    I'll be back tomorrow or Monday to read how it went!

    Rest well! Sleep early and eat breakfast....

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  2. I'm so excited for you!!!!!!! can hardly wait to hear how it went
    Good Luck

  3. Haha, I love ANTM, but Danielle(the one in the clip, and the winner that cycle) sprained her ankle in those crazy shoes!

    Best of luck with the race, I always wanted to enter one, or a marathon

  4. So U're still on the trek, good Job. Way 2 go ;)

    Updated my blog

  5. Hi Calabar Gal!
    Hope the race went well.

  6. Mmamma, that video is from the last two series of America's Next Top Model. The girl, Danielle, who went on to win the show, had to use crutches after that, so that accident was pretty serious.
    Keep it up gal; i really admire your determination.

    Your friend in Catford.

  7. Thanks everyone for your support and good wishes. The race went well. I've put up a new post. Cheers.


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