Monday, July 16, 2007

Minor Rambling......

There are times I sit at my PC and my tummy starts contracting as if I've been doing situps and press ups. And I know I had not done any in the previous hour. So why does my tummy contract the way it does at odd times?

We were celebrating over the weekend with some alcopops and I had downed a couple when I decided to be naughty and went to look for oga's trouble. I was dancing and singing in front of him when I took a step back and stepped on something. I looked down and was like "Oh No!" On the floor of the room were his glasses which he had placed on a pile of books and I had mistakenly stepped on them and the hands of the frame were bent. Trying to restore the handle back to its normal position from its twisted state resulted in it coming apart in my hands. I have single handedly spoilt my man's glasses and banished him to a life of having to make do with -1 of his reading glasses.

I saw Victor Ebuwa from Big Brother 5 on one of the high streets in North London during the week. I was rushing to get into the bank like 5 minutes before the doors close for the close of businesss for the day so I could pay some money into my account to cover a direct debit that was due the next day when I noticed someone cross the high street to walk just behind me. I looked up in the midst of my hurry and behold it was handsome victor and flashed a wide smile, said a bright hello and a wave and started debating with myself if I could spare a few minutes to ask him for a snap with him as proof of our meeting and still make it into the bank premises on time. My camera was in my handbag that day primed and ready. (Ok, I can almost hear you tutting and sshing, he's just a z-list celebrity and not even an A-list celebrity but a once a celebrity always a celebrity innit? There isnt anything like an ex-celebrity is there? I digress. LOL!!) On second thoughts, I decided not to ask him for any photographs. Its a very thin line between paying a £35 failed direct debit charge and not paying and I wasnt ready to risk it and continued my sprint to make it into the bank on time. He also seemed to be in a bit of a hurry himself. LOL!!

I'm in serious pain. Looking forward to my next race which is on saturday but I was in the kitchen last saturday afternoon and decided to do a little stretch while reaching out to get some utensil from the cupboard, felt a little discomfort in my waist and decided to stop stretching. Too late. I have been on pain since then. My waist - cant bend, squat, twist, do normal things without being in pain. Wondered if I have dislocated something. I pray every bone, joint or muscle snaps back into their proper places painlessly too very soon.


  1. Your friend in CatfordJuly 16, 2007 11:55 am

    Girl, what is happening to you is called "ewanko". LOL. Or too much bunking with oga and that striptease you were trying to perform for him. LMAO. On a serious note, you need to take it easy and rest a bit. Take care love. Ouch though!!! (sorry, couldn't resist poking that last jibe) LOL.

  2. lol @ catford friend. I tot if u exercise and feel pain u should continue and after a while the pain goes away. But pele as they say.

  3. Sorry about the pain babe.
    I hope it doesnt spoil ur next race o!
    Am looking forward to see the pics.

  4. eyah!!! Too bad you had to see victor while trying to catch the bank -- FIVE minutes before shutting down -- How shall u convince us now?? Anyways -- sorry O!!! make u take the running "jejely"

  5. Tummy, take your time o and stop hurting the one and only calaber gal of our time. Good luck on the next race.

  6. continue with the exercise (whatever it is u do) and ur body will adjust to the pain.

    as per ur hubbies glasses, i cant even imagine how he is feeling. it can be annoying sha. as a fellow bespectacled man, i can imagine how angry he was then

  7. Puleeeeaaaaase, CG....your taste in celebs just makes me wonder meeeehn. And here was i thinking u meant Victor from BB naija. I'm so glad u didn't take his picture afterall, cos i'm not sure if i'll ever dis blog again. Just kidding!

  8. Awww, I broke the Mr.'s glasses as well so time back while trying to get on his nerves. I still haven't heard the end of it till today.

    Maybe you shouldn't go running on Saturday if you are still in pain. Or see your doc before the race.

  9. Ohh girl, make sure you're in the best of health before running again.
    Mad props to you for racing though, one day I shall have the determination.

  10. sorry about the rumblings.
    glad you let go off the idea of getting a snap with a z list celeb and followed your head. don't think he'd be worth the £35. sorry :)

  11. sorry about the pain,wish you all the best for your race on saturday.saw victor on tv last week and he looked like he had gained a lot of weight,almost didn't recognise him.

  12. You're quite an inspiration.
    ...Once I'm done catching up on all the gist.
    LMAO on breaking hubby's specs. I'm sure ur dance must have been so alluring that he forgot his specs were within stepping distance....

    Awwwww....I loved BB5 cos of Victor and Jason (memories....smiling). I'm glad u didnt stop for a pic though, considering how quickly those banks slam u with charges...


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