Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Story.......

"Babes, Aunty XX says she wants to take me, you, our friend Y and his family out for dinner to say thank you to us (hubby and Y) for helping her out when she was moving her things to her new house."

My man said to me one evening when we were together. Hmmmn, I repiled. Thats nice. When? "Well, she says me and Y should look for a restaurant and then set a date when everyone is free and isnt working so we all can go out for the evening." He replied. Thats alright I figure. Me, I love freebies especialy when there's food involved so I was game. As long as she's willing to treat us, I said to myself, I dont mind at all.

That dinner date was postponed so many times. The excuse was often "We havent found a restaurant or we havent had the time to go looking for a nice and suitable restaurant". At long last, a suitable restaurant was found and booked and even though the date set was during the week, we were all excited. Well, I was thinking of all the food I would eat and praying it would be one of those 'Eat as much as you like' restaurants which I had discovered I had developed a liking for. We got dressed and went to Aunty XX's house to get her and her kids and then drove to the restaurant where we met Y, his wife and kids already waiting for us. Aunty XX was decked to the hilt - as usual. U cant try that lady oh - she's a real fashionista and was joking about how her wallet was filled to the brim and she was going to spend to the max and have a lovely time. It was a lovely gathering with loads of banter getting to know each other and stuff.

We got to the restaurant, ordered our meal - a three course meal which was so much when spread all over the table in front of us. Of course we didnt need any prodding and delved into the whole package with glee, chatting over the table, enjoying the extras we ordered, it was a treat on Aunty XX afterall. Y and his kids came with a camera and those with camera phones too whipped them out and we had fun taking pictues too and just having a nice time generally.

Then the 'guys' went out for a brief spell after we had finished our meal and the kids were having their deserts mainly ice cream, if i remember correctly - to smoke I think and when they came back, Hubby stood up, cleared his throat and said he had something to say. Everyone at the table started smiling, coughing and talking at the same time and that was when I realised what was about to happen. This wasnt some dinner by Aunty XX to thank him and his friend for helping her move, it was just a ruse to throw me off the scent. My man was about to propose. The joke was on me and I was the only one at the table who hadnt known what was actually planned for that evening. Everyone had seen the proposal coming except me!

At long last, they allowed him some breathing space and he spoke: "Honey, this is for you" thrusting a box into my palms. Everyone was cheering and making noise generally and I was smiling and blushing at the same time and I think they just generally assumed I would say yes. I thought of bursting thier bubble but was too surprised myself and whispered into into my man's ear. Thats not how you're suppose to propose, you're suppose to say "xxx" and gave him back the box with a command - start all over again. LOL!! The poor guy tried again but the excitement at the table was too much. Aunty XX was excited and talking, her teenage kids were excited and talking, Y was excited and talking and taking photographs, Y's wife and his teenage kids were excited and talking too, In the hula that went on, no one actually noticed that I hadnt said 'YES' yet. I think Aunty XX said that on my behalf in the excitement. LOL!! All eyes were on us and the restaurant staff brought over a bottle of Champagne and we all had a toast to the 'newly engaged couple'.

We tried the ring on my finger during one of the attempts to say the right words - too big but that could be sorted out. After our sumptious dinner and toast we all left for home where I finally gave my man his answer. A mighty YES. Although I did think about saying 'NO' at the restaurant just to burst the bubble of our 'spectators' a little bit. LOL!!

I'm telling this story cos its our wedding anniversary today. A year of conjugal bliss. There have good days and bad days, ups and downs but I cant complain. My man has been very good to me and I couldnt have wished or asked for a better husband. Happy Anniversary Babes. Here's to many, many more happy and blissful years ahead.


  1. Happy Anniversary! May the Lord God Almighty grant you many more years of love and happiness together. The babies will come soon in Jesus name! Take care :)

  2. Happy Anniversary to you to. have fun and enjoy the special day.

  3. Bon Annivesaire! Congrats dearie! I wish you many more years of blessings together as man and wifey!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Here's to many many many many more years to come!!!

    Hope you both have a wonderful day.

  5. Happy Anniversary. May the Lord bless and keep u guys.

  6. yaaaay! Happy anniversary. Reading about all these far away events, I no go gree again o! My options, below:

    #1: My cake
    #2: Plate of edi-kai-ikong soup with all the necessary peripherals (any solids to go with)
    #3: Ekpankwoqo (or however d heck it's spelled) :P

    But seriously, have a gooder one and many more to come

  7. Wow. One of those stories that you wish you were a part of it. I wait for the moment when I get invited to these kinds of surprises. Happy anniversary...

  8. Congrats and happy anniversary to you.

  9. Wow, thats wonderful

    Happy many happy filled years of marriage life


  10. Wonderful story.

    Happy anniversary.

  11. thats the sweetest story!! happy happy happy happy happy happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. sweeeeetttt

    May God grant you many more years and plenty plenty happy kids to spice up your life

    happy anniversary

  13. awwwwwwwwww, thats so sweet.
    happy anniversary.

    i always wonder how my man will propose to me...

  14. owch.this is so sweet.happy anniversary calabar gal.I wish u guys many happy years together.can't wait to find my own man.Lucky u.happy anniversary.kisses!

  15. Congratulations o...

    Well, i just dropped by to let you know of a competition that is running at the africanloft.

    Pls, participate.


  16. a few hours late....happy anniversary regardless....wishing you many more magnificent ones to come!!!!

  17. Looks like we are doing a lot of celebrating on this blog these days o! Na u biko darling.
    Happy anniversary!! I wish u two many more years of bliss.
    I have a new name, this is princess(lettingout).
    Check my blog for the update on my new name.

  18. ooommmmmm, I MISSED IT by a day. But its still not too late. Happy Anniversary Babe, heres wishing you to many many many * infinity wedded blis.

    And Good luck for tommorrows race. Im sure you'll cross the line in a record time.

  19. Your friend in CatfordJuly 21, 2007 1:14 am sweet. Happy anniversary babes and may God fulfill all your heart's desires in Jesus' name- amen.

    Love u loads.

  20. Aaaawww so sweet! Happy anniversary to you and your hubby. May you have many many more years filled with such fun and happiness.

  21. awwwwwwwwwwwwwh, happy anniversary dearie.May you two continue to have a cause for celebration

  22. Happy anniversary lady. July 19th happens to be my anniversary if counting by the months though like my Mr We started dating once upon a Dec 19th so every 19th calls for a celebration.

    God bless you and all that's yours.

  23. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww look how everyone is oooooooooooooooooing and awwwwwwwwwwwwwing CG.Happy Wedding anniversary dear sis.I hope blogville will ooooo and aaaaaah mine as well-o!

  24. Thank you everyone for your kind words. We wish you all the very best too in your personal lives.

  25. How could i, the hopeless romantic have missed this post? Such a great story and happy anniversary...

  26. how sweet....
    congrats babes.
    wishing you many many more happy years.

  27. Awwwwwww! I'm grinning like an e-diot. Nice post. Happy Anniversary babes and may your union be blessed with all that is good and beautiful


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