Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tesco Race For Life

This is my 100th post at long, long last! Yeah!!! (Jumping up and down with glee.) LOL!!

Its all over at last - Tesco Race for life is completed. We (Me and my running partner - RP) got to Regents Park - the venue of the race in good time this time around. We met Buki and Vickii at the station where we excitedly gushed (well, at least I did) LOL!! over each other so much I forgot my name or even my RP's name too when we were introducing ourselves to each other. LOL!! After the introductions, all of us walked together to the park where we joined in the warm up activities which were going on, led by the organisers from the huge blue stage. It was fun getting into the hang of things. Warm up over, we all headed to the starting point where other runners were gathering also to await the start of the race.

When the gun went off, somehow, grappling with my mp3 so I could start the podcast to listen to while running, as well as my phone so that I could check our starting time when we crossed the starting point, my mp3 and headphones fell down and other runners helped me pick it up but not before I had bent down myself to rescue it quickly from under the feet of other runners when I felt that horrible pain in my waist again. Mp3 picked up from the ground and tucked away securely in its place, time noted, the race began.

It was fun and enjoyable. Me and my RP had agreed that we would run at a very moderate and if possible, slow pace to see if we could go the entire race without stopping rather than start fast and stop halfway through the race and start walking. We succeeded in doing that for the first 3km - Slow and Steady. I have read 2 other blogs where the bloggers had ran their first races all the way to the finish line without stopping and hoped to be able to do that in this race too. The guru's Buki and Vickii were running with us and were way, way ahead of us and we wanted to be able to tell them at the end of the race that we ran the entire race without stopping but alas, it wasnt to be. LOL!!

Just before the 4km mark, we couldnt bear it any more and stopped for a couple of seconds to catch our breath before we started running again. At least we had run 32 minutes without stopping which was a personal best for both of us too. We then started running again knowing that the end was in sight. At this point, the route seemed to curve and curve and curve. It was as if it was never ending but at last, we got to the 500m point and it was a sprint from there - not a very fast one but a semi sprint if I may say so and if there is anything like a semi sprint. LOL!!

Cos my eyes were closed when I got to the 500m point, and closed the rest of the race after that to block out the pain and the distance ahead, I didnt see the official clock or time which was placed strategically to the left as we crossed the finish line but just as I crossed the finish line, the unbelievable happened! My breakfast of brocolli and sprouts which I had eaten 3 hours previously (Yes, I am still on Atkins) LOL!! got upset and refused to stay put in my stomach and came spewing through my gullet, out of my mouth. I had to use my hanky to keep it in place until I could get one of the race marshalls to give me a sick bag to put the 'sick' and not disgrace myself. The problem was, how was I going to explain I needed a sick bag when my mouth was full already and I couldnt speak either? LOL!!

Luckily, Buki and Vickii who had finished the race way ahead of us and were waiting at the finish came to my aid and led me to the ambulance so I could get some aid but then I remembered I had a little paper bag in my waist pouch and got it out and was sick in it rather than spewing 'sick' all over the park like a little village girl. LOL!!

So, Race for Life was finished in 41 minutes. The time wasnt as good as my previous race but I'm glad I only stopped twice during the entire course of the race unlike my first race where I'm quite sure I must have stopped at least 8 - 10 times to rest, if not more. I didnt really get a lot of pictures of me in 'action' this time cos my personal photographer had called in sick. (smile)
But here's one of me with my medal after the race:

and another one of me after the race:

Here is another picture of me, Vickii & Buki - with our medals after our race.

More pictures from the race can be viewed HERE.

I havent got any more races lined up for the rest of July or in August either but I'm looking forward to my remaining races in September - the 5k Hydro Active Race and the 8k Windsor Race.
I'm off to read my new book - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows now. I couldnt wait and flipped through to the end as soon as I bought my copy and can reveal that Harry, Hermoine, and Ron are very much alive. LOL!!


  1. Congrats, Calabar Gal. I read some of this report on London Buki's blog too. You all did great and I'm so proud of you. Sorry to hear you were sick at the end of it but at least you started and finished the race. More grease to your elbow. Have a great weekend.

  2. Well done !!!

    You've come a real long way.

  3. Ol' girl, big hand clap!!! Hip, hip, hip, hurray!

  4. Wow, what a race! it sounds like so much fun, I'm really tempted to register for the Hydro active race now, Well done.

  5. Congrats on your 100th post!
    Congratulations concerning your race,sorry u were sick though

  6. some of us could wait till the end of the book and you just killed it for us...THANKS! Abeg next time warn us to stop reading before you spoil a book we have been waiting for AGES TO READ. SO SO PISSED RIGHT NOW

  7. congrats buki. you are so courageous to even contemplate running such distances. i wish i could do that. and congrats on your 100th post as well.

  8. first of all, why wuld you want to peek at the end of the last Harry potter book? and as if that werent bad enough, you proceeded to share it with the unsuspecting public?? that's just not right!!
    whats with everybody in blogville wanting to ruin this for me, nyway? no fair! the last one was also ruined- my brother told me dumbledore died. i was so mad at him for days i couldnt stand it!

    and your race.. i'm happy u made it. u go girl! i think u should check out the pain though, so u dont hurt yourself. please see a doctor! all the medical series coming out have made me very paranoid about funny pains.

    what a way to mark your hundredth post!

  9. @Everyone: Thanks for your kind words.

    @Anonymous: Sorry for spoiling ur fun. Couldnt help it. At least i didnt spillout the beans on who chased who on broomsticks in the first few chapters did I? Oops! I did it again... LOL!! Got to shut up now...... (smile)

    @Cinnamonqueen: Put ur mind to it and join us pretty soon. At this time last yr, if anyone had told me I'd be running at all talkless of 5km races, I'd have laughed in their faces. Buki & Vickii said the same thing too. Every journey begins with a step so make an effort. (smile)

    @Geisha: Thanks. I will try to see the doctor next week.

    Oops, Sorry, I spilled the beans. I, on the other hand was begging buki to tell me who had died so far since she bought the book some hours before me and she refused. I'm more liberal you could say. LOL!!

    Alright, since you are fuming, I wont tell you that Harry has started developing feelings so far for G**********. Oops! Did I do it again? Got to keep my big mouth shut. LOL!!

  10. Well Done on your 5km race! You can get one of those sony eriksons that are a phone and MP3 player in one thus giving you less to carry around when you are running. Well Done again, perhaps a 10k before the end of the year?

  11. Good job! You rock babe! Wow...spendid!

  12. You did really well CG, you should be so proud of yourself!! And it was really nice meeting you!

    I can guarantee you that when you stop doing Atkins, you'll probably take off 2 minutes at least from your time instantly because you'll have more energy to run!

    I will send you and Buki the pictures I have probably today or tomorrow ... I didn't have time to do it this weekend.

    Have a lovely week!

  13. Congratulations on running the race. Fabulous....And i was soooo scared when i saw ur Harry Potter spoiler....Ehn...Biko nu...

  14. Your friend in CatfordJuly 23, 2007 4:37 pm

    Congrats girl.

  15. i just sent an email to your yahoo mail. :-)

  16. You this CG! I can't believe you read the last page!!!!

    Anyway I've finished the book now... JK tried small.

    Well done CG and keep it up with the running!

  17. As in I am so so sorry...should have been here earlier...congrats well done too I should really run o...maybe in time for the London Olympics

  18. The sky is ur limit girl!
    Keep it up.
    I guess am the only one thats not excited about this whole Harry porter book stuff. CG, U fit yarn me whole story for here sef. lol. Na wa o!

  19. u wicked oh. why u come dey show us 6 boobs like this eh. U know some of us have a thing for boobies.

  20. Job well done, CG. I'm sure you'll do even better next time around.

  21. Gosh well done. You did good. You'll beat your personal best next time.

  22. Well done. You have inspired me. I will just finish this ice cream first then I will start training. Promise.

  23. Congrats on the race. Wishing you the best in your remaining races.

  24. Calabar Gal, well done o! You know I have not been on blogger for a while, so tell me, was this the first time you met Buki??

    I've updated by the way

  25. Well done sis....well done. You didnt queue for the HP book, pls tell me you didnt...Just joking (Well done once again).

  26. oh my goshhh i am sooo proud of youuuuuuuuu.... rock on mami...

  27. awwwwwwwwwwww well done girls!!

  28. @Butterfly girl, Nyemoni, Uzo, Chameleon, Bimbylads, Catford Friend, Dimples, Uk Naija, Princessa, Mari, LOASCM, Atutupoyoyo, Babawilly, ONB, Mimi: Thanks you guys. I am proud of me too. (smile)

    @Morountodun: I wont have to grapple with all those anymore. I'm getting a proper running watch pretty soon.

    I am definetely running a 10km race before the end of the year. Waiting for entries for the 10km Run London race to open.

    @Vickii: thanks girl. It was nice meeting you too. As for having more energy when I get off Atkins, I'm not getting off Atkins anytime soon.

    @LB: Yes oh! I flipped to the last page to see who was still alive as soon as I bought it oh. Havent finished mine yet.

    @Ubong Da: Only u will see 6 pairs of boobs that no one else has seen. Yeye man. LOL!!

    @Vera: Welcome back from your hiatus girl. We missed you loads. As you are doing godmother, remember babysitters will be needed too. LOL!!

    Yes, this was my first time of meeting Buki & Vickii - 2 extremely lovely, beautiful, sleek and fit ladies.

    @Ababoypart2: No, I didnt queue. Got mine the next afternoon. I dont have that kind of strength but I should find time and go for a midnight launch for something one of these days just to see what goes on around there and they hype as it occurs. LOL!!

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