Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Carnaval del Pueblo

I was on my way to South London to visit some aunties - those I had neglected for the entire year over the weekend. On my way there, just after Elephant & Castle, I noticed there was some event going on at Burgess Park on Old Kent Road and being the inquisitive lady that I was, decided to make a detour, defer my trip for at least two hours and veer into the park to find out what was going on there. I dey chop dog leg now? Una no know? LOL!!

It turned out to be that the Latin American Festival - Carnaval del Pueblo was holding in the park that day! I had heard so much about the carnival but had never attended any and was so glad I didnt continue my journey but the downside was that I had already missed the carnival float/procession which was scheduled to arrive at Albany Road at 3pm and it was past 4pm already. Into the park I skipped and I was glad I did cos it was fun!

There was dancing and singing and loads and loads of food - I loved that part - the food part. LOL!! The weather was lovely too and we went round the stalls looking at traditional latin crafts which were on display in some of the stalls. There were four stages and loads and loads of singing and nice latin songs and dances which the crowd sang and danced along to, too.

I really enjoyed tasting the food from the stalls. There was food from loads and loads of countries. Now I can boast of having eaten Columbian food - I ate some Tamales made from potatoes and peas and carrots and chicken, wrapped in plantain leaves which wasnt bad at all, I also ate some Filippino food - which was a mix of assorted meat, fried plantain, rice cakes - I think which was quite a hit with the crowd cos the queue for those was astronomincal! There was also loads and loads of roasts and barbeques - chicken, kebabs, et al. There were churros and salad and ........ oh, the pictures say it all. Of course there was the eye candy too - loads and loads of eye candy both for the ladies and the men too. But in all, it was a family day and there were loads and loads of kids having fun in the park too with their parents. There was a fun fair for them, face painting, loads of ice cream vans, candy floss, music, dance, you name it. I'm really glad I stopped by but disapointed I missed the float. Saw pictures of the float in the papers yesterday and my heart ached. Next yr....... oh, next yr........, I have serious plans for next yr's carnaval. LOL!! But this year, all hope isnt lost yet. I also have serious plans for Notting Hill Carnival holding later on this month. No way I'm missing that! (smile) Anyone who knows of any more events like these holding this summer, please share! LOL! I just learnt there is going to be a carnival in Abuja, Nigeria too later on in November this year.

So 2 hours later, my journey began again to my final destination - my auntie's place. I'm glad I made that detour though. Did have lots of fun. Pictures from the Carnaval del Pueblo can be viewed HERE.


  1. Calabar gal's palAugust 08, 2007 12:35 am

    Hmm... i can see that you've abandoned your atkins diet. LOL. Good you had fun though.

    Yipee i'm first.

  2. Lots of fun in the sun :) I couldn't see the pics.

  3. So, na soso Latin food wey you go chop! Your aunty dem nko? You been reach their side abi that food derailed your journey? hahaha

    Glad you had fun though. How are things?

  4. @Calabar Gals Pal: I havent abandoned it. (smile) Played traunt last week. Back to being a good girl now. Thought of stopping by ur place to surprise you on my way back since it was Grove Park I was going to but due to the detour, couldnt anymore, was too late. I know - excuses, excuses. LOL!!

    @Butterfly Girl: It was loads of fun!

    @Anonymous: Why? Was the service or network bad where you're at? Try again some other time - maybe you'll have better luck in viewing the pics? (smile)

    @Solomonsydelle: Well, as you refused to parcel the ones you ate and remained from your Dominican trip to me so I could join you in culinary heaven, decided to take the bulls by the horn and plough in. LOL!!

    I still reached my aunties side oh! I've been putting it off for so long, there was no way I could have gone back home. Was determined to get there even if its means knocking on her door by 9pm. A visit is still a visit, no matter what time abi? (smile)

  5. I couldn't view the pixs o!... O my!

  6. Aww,the pics are not available again.
    Sounds like you had fun.Looking forward to the Nottinghill carnival this year,missed out on last year's own.Hope the weather behaves itself sha

  7. all that tlk of food got me hungry and can almost imagine how fun it would have been.

  8. Havent tried Latin food yet, but I still intend to eat my way around the world in this city. Been a while since I saw Burgess Park. NH Carnival - on holiday, but would have still given it a miss this year, just got a feeling that there will be trouble this year. Couldnt find the pictures..

  9. Oh wow! Seems like u had so much fun.

  10. Sorry Guys, I was over enthusiastic. The link should be working perfectly now. Cheers.

  11. Awwwww! I miss those carnivals soooo much. I am missing the Nottinghill Carnival for the first time since 1996. I've even been part of some of the processions: Trinidad + Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica & Uganda. I wanted to join the Nigerian procession once but they were deaf to ideas and very unorganised. Make sure u take loads of pics for me, babes. I've also attended Turkish carnivals and many, many Afro-Carribean carnivals.

  12. ...and a gay carnival in Haringey..

  13. Trust ur favourite part to be about food..lol
    Dont mind me oh.. I aslo went to Enfeild Park for Ghana's Meet me there .. i must confess that i only went because of the food ;). i also stopped by to check out the Shoreditch Festival ..and it want bad.. not my kind of food though :(
    but there were a few stands with African crafts and merchandise...

    Maybe we should hook up and check it out next summer....(if we ever get a proper one without all the rain and flood wahala...

    c ya!! x

  14. Filipino food? That's cool. But we dont have plantain in the Philippines. Maybe they borrowed from the Nigerians! lol

  15. lol!!!! My dear, your parcel is in the mail!

  16. Calabar gal's palAugust 10, 2007 12:39 am

    Good gal ko good girl ni. Naughty girl more like it! You and Mrs S, i no sabi who i go even give the relapse crown to sef. LOL. As for not stopping my my house, its all good cos i go "reciprocate"/"retaliate" the action. LOL.

  17. Calabar gal's palAugust 10, 2007 12:40 am

    BTW abeg upgrade oo. Two weeks don nearly reach now...haba...

  18. I don't like this update; it's not juicy enough. I need more drama. More!! Gimme more, gal. I'm off 2 ur sister's blog

  19. Yup.....And of course the Calabar carnival over christmas....And i am glad you made a detour...Reminds me of the Taste of Chicago...Yummy food everywhere,...

  20. Calabar gal's palAugust 10, 2007 3:05 pm

    @ Vera: No mind dis calabar gal o jare. I go soon come contaminate dis im squeaky clean blog. And i mean contaminate as in Ubong da kinda contaminate. So you bera step up calabar gal- if not i'd help you...

  21. Lovely pictures. Am glad you made the stop. Looking thru all those pictures made me so hungry. Thanks CB

  22. Your adventure is getting intriguing too... running...racing...marathon now fillipino abi brazillian food...have no clue how they cook what you bought...they do not eat that where I come from...mmnnhh!!! God help us with young girls of these days...

    Did you say carnival in Abuja??? You are welcome to attend

  23. @nyemoni, classybabe, ababoypart2, aijay: The link to the pics should be ok now.

    @ex schoolnerd: It sure was fun!

    @copido: U have been part of previous processions? Wow! U sure are one hope babe! I dream of being in those processions each yr. But now I've got a man, he will not be open to such an idea. LOL! I sure will take enuff pics. No one can keep me away from ladbroke grove on that day. (smile)

    I'm thinking of taking park in the gay pride run in hackney holding soon.

    @arewa@ LOL!! Thats what makes all these carnivals fun - the food and music. (smile)

    @abuja walkabout: U know I should have gotten my facts right now you mention it. But it was a lad with not too fluent english who was on the queue for the food too that told me it was filipino food. I was surprised myself that the filipino's were represented seeing that it was a latin american festival & not an asian festival but who am I to question her? The ladies serving were too busy to amswer questions. (smile) It was lovely food though.

    @solomonsydelle: Eh hen?!?!?! I never receive am oh. LOL!!

    @calabar gal's pal: I should have another post ready by monday - I think.

    @Vera & CG's pal: "need more drama, not juicy enuff..... " Una wan commot me for this house wey I dey abi? LOL!!

    @mari: everyone was carrying one palatable plate of food or the other. U just couldnt help but join in the dun and the 7asting. God help those who went to that park without any money in their pockets at all. Dem go don salivate tire! LOL!!

    @Amaree: U hit the nail on the head. Thats why I dont update so frequently anymore. Seems my post are becoming mostly about running and racing. (smile) I'm really becoming passionate about running. There is always some new distance to conquer. (smile)

  24. You had fun oh...unexpected ones...the pics were nice too...update oh pls!

  25. Calabar gal's palAugust 13, 2007 12:28 am

    @ Calabar gal: Thinking of taking part in a gay pride race? Not that there's anything wrong with that...just that i was wondering if ehem...you may have some old Ubong da like confessions to reveal to us...like if you've had some kinda erm "that way inclined" experience in the past (wink). Come on gal, you can tell us, afterall they are all past escapades...LOL

  26. Congratulations CG, u're such an inspiration.


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