Friday, August 24, 2007

Random Thots

I was watching the London Ambulance programme earlier on today and there was this car accident that was shown that made me reminisce about how roughly I used to drive previously. I used to think I was a moderate driver until one day, I got driven by someone else in their car which was a rare treat and my heart was literally in my heart cos the driver was going so fast. I was literally stepping on the brakes too while being seated in the front seat and driving the car along with the person. LOL!! I made a comment that I was actually scared and my younger sis turned to me and said "Now you realise how we feel when we are in your car" LOL!! I didnt realise I used to go so fast. LOL!! I know my minimum speed used to be at least between 60 - 80kmph or is it mph but I dont think I ever hit 100 in the city. Now my eyes have 'opened', I know that was way, way too fast to drive in a city but then, what did I know? Everyone seemed to drive at about that same speed too. My sis in law's nickname for the car was 'Tuke Tuke' LOL!! She would ask "CG, how is your tuke tuke?" It wasnt exactly grandoise but it got me from point A to B quite nicely - Thank You very much. LOL!!

That accident also made me remember how much God loved me then - even up till now. (smile) I remember the first time I had an accident. It wasnt through any fault of mine and Thank God I didnt hit anyone and no other car was involved. I had been stopped by FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps) officials who had asked me for the regular stuff.
  • Fire Extinguisher - Non Existent in my Car
  • Triangle - Non existent

OK. let me stop opening my yansh before you guys think I was a negligent driver. LOL!! They now asked to check my brake & reverse lights. I stepped on the brakes for their benefit and reversed also so they could check the reverse lights and told me both werent working. How was I supposed to know? I didnt even know they were supposed to light when you stepped on them. I am no longer laughing. It was terribly naive of me to have driven the vehicle then endangering others now I think about it.

So they wrote me a ticket and off I went to pay the fine as well as take the car to the electrician's place to get the brake and reverse lights fixed. At the electrician's, afterall the work was done, I got into my car and drove off. The electrician's place was at the top of a slope and when I was about going down the slope, I stepped on the brakes as a precautionary measure but my brakes failed. I was petrified. I couldnt believe my eyes. What was I going to do? And it was a very busy road too with all the 'okadas' around who if pushed down would unleash justice perpetrator of the evil. I was like OMG! I'm going to hit another car or worse still hit someone but luckily, my instincts swung into action and since there was no car coming from the opposite direction, I swerved the car into the nearest premises where I had seen a heap of sand hoping the sand would stop the car. The car hit the heap and started to roll back. I was petrified it would take my back onto the road I had just come from cos of the slope but thankfully, my front bender caught the framework of the garage shed which was next to the heap of sand and the car was held in one place.

The owners of the premises came out to find out what was happening. A crowd had started to gather. I was shaking and petrified and mortified at the same time. The lady who owned the premises was someone who worked in my father's office and recognised me (I didnt even know that was her house when I swung in there or that she lived there) and I was so embarrased. But they were all so kind to me as they all seemed to think it was no fault of mine since it was a brake failure. She got someone to drive me and my car back home. I was literally in shock and shaking all the way home.

Later on, I was informed that the electricians had made a vital mistake. Since they had worked on the brakes, they should have 'bled' the brakes after and topped up the hydraulic fluid but they didnt and that was what had caused the brake failure cos it happened immediately I drove out of their workshop. I remember another time I was speeding and my front tyre burst. Luckily, I had heard so many stories about not stepping on the brakes when you had a burst tyre and was able to not step on the brakes and bring the car to a stop and change the spoilt tire and continue on my journey.

I'm glad I can say now, I have been enligtened and I have repented from my days of rough driving. LOL!! If I am stopped by FRSC today, I can proudly say:

  • Fire Extinguisher - Check
  • Triangle - Check
  • Other things - Check. LOL!!


  1. lol! pele. but good for u, now u'll feel somewhat safer. tho there are still loads of people who drive without any of them.. maybe they need similar experiences eh? hehe

  2. Lol, but thank God for your life, My family christianed my first car put-put cos of the noise it used to make!

  3. Calabar gal's palAugust 26, 2007 2:30 am

    LMAO. You lucky say na naija all dat bin happen. If to say na here for don double the 8 points wey i don get for my license now for speeding!!! I used to think those speed cameras don't have films in them...BIG MISTAKE. You sabi now say i dey drive like man...but ain't so funny anymore...gats to learn to drive like a lady...LOL.

  4. When I was younger, I used to drive pretty rough too. Somehow, my mortality was something I never thought about.

  5. Car accidents suck but thank God you can look back and laugh now...

  6. I usually step on imaginary brakes when i am being driven... Darling sometimes i close my eyes intentionally while driving to see how far i can go.. Crazy init?

  7. Glad you came out of the 'Failed Brakes' incident unscathed.

    About that 'Burst Tyre' theory...the one where u dont step on the brakes so the car doesnt somersault. It scares me o! I have never had a tyre burst while driving and am always praying i never get one....not sure if i would remember not to step on the brakes.

    About u and hubby, dont worry God will see you through whatever it is.

  8. Calabar gal's palAugust 29, 2007 12:28 pm

    You still dey do random thoughts eh??? I bin think say after d yab wey i don yab you for Ubong da blog, say you go quick update. You bera update by the time i finish streaking across the streets of London or else...

  9. Hi Gal, Sorry you had to go thru that. situations like that calls for a law suite in Yankee..

  10. Hi Cal gal! Thank the good Lord you survived the accident; I've been very fortunate to be involved in only minor scraps but they've taught me very serious lessons on safe driving.

  11. Hey you!!
    Hope you feeling better and all? I just tried to imagine the type of driver you used to be. Chei!! Thank God for you! Cheers!


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