Sunday, September 30, 2007

Great North Run...

Its been exactly two months today since I got that phone call to come for an interview that I had given up on. I had sent my CV to them some months previously on one of my cold calling ventures and had forgotten all about them when I didnt hear from them. I was so excited. Went for the interview some days later and was asked to start the next day. Its a legal charity and the offer wasnt that 'much' (I have to rephrase this part later but I cant think of the appropraite words that really convey how I feel or what I mean right now) but I couldnt complain. So thats how I started work at my new place two months ago. Dont know why I didnt share but I guess the stress......... or maybe it was too good to be true but I'm letting the cat out of the bag now. LOL!! Thats also a little bit of the reasons why my posting has been a little bit inconsistent. LOL!! The next step for me now will be getting a Certificate of Eligibility so I can take my QLTT exams as soon as possible.

I enjoyed watching the Great North Run today. I could see the fun and excitement of the atmosphere over there in Newcastle and hoping that I can master running my 10KM ASAP this year and really looking forward to the next step in running which is the Half MArathon but on no condition will I attempt to register for on when I am not ready. Running at Bluewater has taught me a great lesson. It was fun seeing all the celebrities and listening to the stories of other runners. It was great to have Paula back and she had a great run - only Kara did better than her unexpectedly but it was still a good race.

We all watched stunned at the 9th mile when Kara got tired of running with Paula and broke away. The commentators were stunned as that was Kara's first half marathon and were saying maybe her inexperience had made her break away too early and that she might not be able to keep up the pace and I believed them too in my heart. We were all expecting Paula to shine and didnt expect the sort of performance Kara gave but she maintained the gap she gave Paula up till the very end and finished in 66minutes. Her husband Adam did well too and finished in the mens' race in 63 minutes and Paula finished in 67 minutes. I think all the contestants did very well. Its a big step registering for such a race, even bigger turning up on the day and actually completing the race. Congratulations to every one of the almost 50,000 runners that completed the Great North Run.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Great North Run

The Great North Run is holding tomorrow at Newcastle. I'm so excited! I'm so excited!! Its a 13 mile half marathon and hopefully, I'll be a part of it next year. This year, I'm still a part of it - only difference is I'm watching all the action live from my sofa and not running. LOL!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Reality sets in.....

I'm attending a wedding today and really looking forward to it. Weddings mean new clothes and true to form, yours truly went off looking for the perfect outfit. The couple had indicated they would prefer monetary gifts as wedding presents so I didnt have to crack my brain for suitable wedding presents for them. I saw this lovely pink bustier dress and loved it so much I placed an order for it in my usual size - a Size 14. It arrived a day to the D-day (yesterday) and I fell in love with it even more. I hurriedly stepped out of my clothes and tried it on. Pulled the zip up and it went past my waist but got stuck when it got to my boobs. They wouldnt go any further! My boobs were too ***. LOL!! I was horrified. How could this have happened? Why didnt I think of this? I had committed the cardinal sin of online shopping. Not ordering for an item in two sizes as insurance so you could choose the one with the perfect fit and return the other one that didnt fit perfectly. Now I was stuck.

Thats how I had to go shopping for an outfit on a friday evening. I discovered there are loads and loads of us in this category. The fitting rooms at the shops I went to were filled with us last minute ladies shopping for an outfit for a wedding the next day. I used to pride myself on being a Size 14 but I seem to be expanding some more (despite the futile attempts at dropping some off) Size 14 bottoms were quite tight. Size 14 tops - dont even go there. The boobs wouldnt even let that happen. These are the same boobs that used to allow size 14 tops glide over them easily. Seems those days are gone - never to return? I hope not! LOL!! With great sorrow in my heart, I headed to the till with my Size 16 purchases. *Sob*, *Sob* , *Sob*.

I'm not a theatrical or dramatic person but I seem to be exhibiting some of it right now. LOL!! I pray these "Size 16 days" or cup will pass over me pretty soon. Got home with great sorrow and told my husband I'm now a size bigger. He's encouraging and says "Dont worry, its not that bad" . I'm seriously alarmed. Enough of my theatrics. I'll get over it and avoid those Aldi Maple syrup popcorns on the days I cheat. The cheating has just been so frequent recently and I am reaping the rewards cos the pounds have piled back on so fast. LOL!!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Suddenly, there never seems to be enough hours in a day for me to get through my 'To Do' list successfully each day. I try very hard not to blog at work and when I get home each day, always so tired, the hours just fly by without me being able to check on my beloved blogville pals as much as I would love to. My zeal and passion hasnt died yet - just in abeyance. LOL!!

I've been following the story of Kate and Gerry McCann. Its getting more bizarre each passing day. It simply beggars belief that they have been made 'aguidos' in the case of their missing daughter. Ok. assuming and I repeat assuming they killed their daughter. They were foreigners in Portugal. Where would they have hidden their daughter's body in an area they were not familiar with that would not have been uncovered by the police or the natives by now? About the car where Maddie's DNA was found - It was hired 25 days after their daughter went missing. The Algarves were swarming with press and paparazzi who were following the every move of the McCanns. How did the McCanns give them a slip to dispose of the body? I hope that little girl is found or that some sense is made out of the messy investigation very, very soon because a lot of things just dont add up at all.

I ran another race over the weekend. The Hydro Active Race at Hyde Park. It was held in three cities at the same time - Birmingham, Liverpool and London. The race was good. Jampacked all the way from start to finish. I think there were about 20,000 runners that day. I must confess my fitness level has gone down but I still managed to finish in 45 minutes. I'm thinking very seriously of running my next race in fancy dress just for the fun of it. My next race would have been the Running 4Women 8k holding at Windsor on the 29th but the race has been cancelled due to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease at Surrey. The organisers have offerred to transfer all entrants to the Brighton 8k which will hold in October for free as no refunds will be given on any monies paid. There is also talk about a discount on next years race although the percentage being discounted isnt known yet. I was looking forward so much to the 8k race. I may just take them up on the Brighton transfer offer.

Phuket is in the news again. This time, its not a tsunami but a plane crash and 89 are confirmed dead and several others injured. May thier souls rest in peace.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm Back

Sorry guys, but I had to take a break. It wasnt as if I was running away completely. Just wanted to do one or two things to the template that I still havent gotten round to doing cos I just havent had any time for myself.

Thanks to all who said a prayer for me concering my post 'Prayers Galore' I can confirm that everything went more smoothly than I could ever imagine. I know that more positive things and testimonies are coming my way. Thanks for remembering me in your prayers and for your kind words to me.

I'll be back soon to put up a proper post.