Saturday, September 29, 2007

Great North Run

The Great North Run is holding tomorrow at Newcastle. I'm so excited! I'm so excited!! Its a 13 mile half marathon and hopefully, I'll be a part of it next year. This year, I'm still a part of it - only difference is I'm watching all the action live from my sofa and not running. LOL!!


  1. Time flies. So its tommorow. Nice race. The drive to Newcastle is a killing though. I wouldn't even mention the drive back (with tired legs).
    Dear My sister, if I were you, I will do like R Kelly and fly there o. Hope your training going well. I have started small small for next year

  2. hehehe...but why did you opt not to run this year?

  3. Abi are you getting runner's block or summin'? LOL.

  4. LOL @ "watching all the action live from my sofa"
    You sound more excited than the runners. lol.

  5. i'm goin to watch it thru my window..givin away my location there.. hope 2 sww some funny costumes...hahaha...goodluck with next yr

  6. sorry my sister its actually 13.1 miles. The last 3 almost killed me three year ago!

  7. Listening to the coverage on talksports,heard paula radcliffe came 2nd.
    I doubt i can even do 5 miles!

  8. @babawilly: Good Luck with your training. I am training - only focusing on 10KM races for the mean time. Want to garner some experience in those and half marathons before moving to marathons. Will be cheering you on though.

    How do you manage in this weather? Its so cooooooollldddddd in the mornings, it takes the grace of God not to give up and run back in to the warmth of my house. LOL!!

    @Ugo Daniels: Not enough experience to run those yet. LOL!!

    @mimi & aijay: I am excited. LOL!!

    @cally-waffy babe: Runners block ke? No Way! Only looking for 10km races to register for this winter. LOL!!

    @Orientated Naijababe: So thats hwere you are! Next yr, I'm putting in an entry for you and me. Then ur neighbours can come and cheer us both. LOL!!

    @Anonymous: Thanks. I've corrected my post. Wow! U've completed one before. Thats great!!

    @Classybabe: Every one has to start from somewhere. We all huffed and puffed when we first started. Its only natural to do so but after about 2-3 months, didnt even notice when the huffing and puffing stopped. IT IS FUN!


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