Monday, September 17, 2007


Suddenly, there never seems to be enough hours in a day for me to get through my 'To Do' list successfully each day. I try very hard not to blog at work and when I get home each day, always so tired, the hours just fly by without me being able to check on my beloved blogville pals as much as I would love to. My zeal and passion hasnt died yet - just in abeyance. LOL!!

I've been following the story of Kate and Gerry McCann. Its getting more bizarre each passing day. It simply beggars belief that they have been made 'aguidos' in the case of their missing daughter. Ok. assuming and I repeat assuming they killed their daughter. They were foreigners in Portugal. Where would they have hidden their daughter's body in an area they were not familiar with that would not have been uncovered by the police or the natives by now? About the car where Maddie's DNA was found - It was hired 25 days after their daughter went missing. The Algarves were swarming with press and paparazzi who were following the every move of the McCanns. How did the McCanns give them a slip to dispose of the body? I hope that little girl is found or that some sense is made out of the messy investigation very, very soon because a lot of things just dont add up at all.

I ran another race over the weekend. The Hydro Active Race at Hyde Park. It was held in three cities at the same time - Birmingham, Liverpool and London. The race was good. Jampacked all the way from start to finish. I think there were about 20,000 runners that day. I must confess my fitness level has gone down but I still managed to finish in 45 minutes. I'm thinking very seriously of running my next race in fancy dress just for the fun of it. My next race would have been the Running 4Women 8k holding at Windsor on the 29th but the race has been cancelled due to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease at Surrey. The organisers have offerred to transfer all entrants to the Brighton 8k which will hold in October for free as no refunds will be given on any monies paid. There is also talk about a discount on next years race although the percentage being discounted isnt known yet. I was looking forward so much to the 8k race. I may just take them up on the Brighton transfer offer.

Phuket is in the news again. This time, its not a tsunami but a plane crash and 89 are confirmed dead and several others injured. May thier souls rest in peace.


  1. I agree with you, I think the Mccans are innocent. There are so many reasons why there is no way they could have done it, I would love to see what evidence they have against them. The Portuguese police are under pressure to solve the case, and they've decided this is the fatest way to put it behind them. So sad.

  2. hey i really feel you on the McCanns. I heard Richard Branson has pledged 100k (pounds) towards legal fees for them. I pray stuff works out okay for them.
    Congrats on running. i wish i could take up somethink like that and stick ot it. Hope you reach your target.
    I also get too tired to blog sometimes. lol!!

  3. The hours do go by fast, don't they?

  4. lol..the fancy dress idea sounds fun.. just make sure u put up some All the best x x x

  5. Hey,
    Long time
    I agree with you on the Mccans. It seems the world needs someone to blame, and they are a bit odd
    Congrats on your run, I'm getting out of breath running up the stairs, so I'm way impressed

  6. Hey babes! Welcome back to blogville.
    Missed ya! You got a new job or what??

    On the McCanns,you never know! Even the most unfathomble things happen some times...i pray the truth comes out soon.

  7. It goes to show how wicked the world is and kudos on ya race. Keep it up. Cheers!!

  8. Na wa oo. Shey we are watching the events as they unfold...God would surely reveal the truth.
    Congrats on your race girl. Thank God say i no bin answer you sha follow join. I still get ewanko from all my new exercises and sit ups...*big grin*

  9. well honestly, i dont kno wat to think on the McCann's. I just hope the little girl is not dead..
    the world is evil... even if its not her parents who killed her,someone still has/had her..

    but if its her!

    *i'll do one of these races soon, that day is went to cancer research and i saw this list of exercises one can do to get fit and prepare for i cant run for a long period..nyhu, i will run one day!*

  10. Just discussing this with my colleague the other week. I was telling her I could not belief that for a while I also believed the Mcanns maybe guilty but like Princessa never know and I have heard some crazy stuff happen in this wicked world that you soon get used to the worst case scenario

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  13. Good to see ya footprints around!

    And all the best with the race thing. Can see ya keeping that up! E no easy...for lazy "us-es" :)

    Enjoy ya weekend!

  14. I sympathize with running out of time. The same thing happens to me, and I even thought of giving up my blog, but then something happens, as my most recent post describes, and I come back.


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