Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vagina Monologues

PAM sent me this email and I'm going to try and reproduce it for everyone who is interested.

Do you want your personal experiences to help others?

PAM is collecting Nigerian stories for the Vagina Monologues. The official Naija version as pioneered by KIND and now 4 other partners. Naija version aside from Nigerian content also means a less shocking title. (smile) The great thing is that it will reach far more people this way.
The monologues are basically stories from real women, dramatized by actresses that offer release for the survivors and victims of abuse, and celebrate the essence of femininity. Proceeds from the shows go to organizations that fight violence against women. The awareness created galvanizes action. The culture of silence against violence against women and sexuality, the granite wall that shields atrocities needs to come down.

Do you have a story to share?

As soon as I was asked to participate in this project my mind went to "Blogville". Here I read what my society is mad not to discuss. Here women take refuge in the anonymity of the internet and release personal, shocking and painful memories. Childhood sexual assaults, rapes, date rapes, circumcision, as I recall some of these stories it hurts as I write. The Monologues isn’t all about violence. There’s a place for pleasure, humour, regret, reminiscing, expressing your feelings and your stand about what makes you woman. "Blogville" is such a place. Here Nigerian women have vaginas. They have opinions. Ive seen blogs on virginity, masturbation, being frigid, first periods, childbirth and orgasms; it’s another world. Im learning so much.
So are you up for soul baring? Complete privacy guaranteed. I don’t even want your name. The curious should please contact me at

Friday, November 23, 2007

Passing Out

I'm so excited! I'm going shopping later on today for an outfit to wear. Yes, as usual, I'm one of those who love to do their shopping at the eleventh hour but oh well, better late than never huh? LOL!! I'm not sure what I want to wear either - whether to conform to the norm (outfit wise) or deviate from the norm. All ye fashionistas out there - any suggestions?

Remember THIS POST I put up about this time last year? Well, my turn has come and come saturday, I'm heading to Essex for my own 'passing out' too with a mini entourage in tow. I'm not sure who to appoint as the official paparazzi but I'm looking forward to those shouts of 'yeahhh' and 'yessssss' and 'well done' as each name is being called. Remember London Buki's mum shouting 'Praise Jesus' at hers too? LOL! Well, on such days, you'll be unhappy if your relatives dont embarass u by expressing shouts of joy as you are called up so thank God I attended my man's last year cos I'll be reminding them in the car as we drive down for the ceremony to shout as loud as they can when its my turn. LOL!!

Maybe I'll put some pictures up when I'm back huh? Maybe not....... LOL!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

An update at last

Where have I been? I ask myself that question too, loads and loads of times. I cant believe its been an entire month since I wrote any posts in this diary. I seem to be catching some people's bug of posting only one post per month. I'm not mentioning any names here, they know themselves. (smile)

Thanks to all those who've been leaving comments and checking up on me, enquiring, coaxing politely and nudging for an update. Its been a rollercoaster month. I do love writing my thots in this diary but my man has reservations about his private moments with his madam being laid bare for the entire world and thus I was torn between what to put down in the diary or joining the huge numbers of those shutting down their diaries. A thot which wasnt endearing at all. Should I stop? I dont want to be one of those shutting down, should I continue and vear in to other subjects or topics that dont involve me personally crossed my mind so many times. So I'll still keep on writing posts in this diary but how personal they shall be remains to be seen.

I've had a huge rollercoaster of emotions going through me this past month. So much that I abandoned even my running partner and refused to see her for almost an entire month talk less of even going out to run myself. So I've been in a huge, huge rot! (Or do I mean rut?!?!!?) LOL!! I think the cold weather contributed to my reluctance and eventual succumbing to lazying in bed and letting go of those early morning runs we so enjoyed. I know I'll go back to them pretty soon. The fact that I had no races to look forward to may have contributed to my lazyness and I hope to put all that behind me ASAP.

The New York City Marathon is next week sunday. I'm looking forward to watching the race and I think there's going to be a live transmission of the race on BBC at 2.15pm. Cant wait!! I do have a passion for running. Why I am not out there right now satisfying or fulfilling that passion baffles me.

I had so many posts drafted in my head so many times all these days I've been away and now I'm finally in front of the PC, they've all flown out! LOL!! Hope to write another post pretty soon when my thoughts are more collected.