Sunday, November 04, 2007

An update at last

Where have I been? I ask myself that question too, loads and loads of times. I cant believe its been an entire month since I wrote any posts in this diary. I seem to be catching some people's bug of posting only one post per month. I'm not mentioning any names here, they know themselves. (smile)

Thanks to all those who've been leaving comments and checking up on me, enquiring, coaxing politely and nudging for an update. Its been a rollercoaster month. I do love writing my thots in this diary but my man has reservations about his private moments with his madam being laid bare for the entire world and thus I was torn between what to put down in the diary or joining the huge numbers of those shutting down their diaries. A thot which wasnt endearing at all. Should I stop? I dont want to be one of those shutting down, should I continue and vear in to other subjects or topics that dont involve me personally crossed my mind so many times. So I'll still keep on writing posts in this diary but how personal they shall be remains to be seen.

I've had a huge rollercoaster of emotions going through me this past month. So much that I abandoned even my running partner and refused to see her for almost an entire month talk less of even going out to run myself. So I've been in a huge, huge rot! (Or do I mean rut?!?!!?) LOL!! I think the cold weather contributed to my reluctance and eventual succumbing to lazying in bed and letting go of those early morning runs we so enjoyed. I know I'll go back to them pretty soon. The fact that I had no races to look forward to may have contributed to my lazyness and I hope to put all that behind me ASAP.

The New York City Marathon is next week sunday. I'm looking forward to watching the race and I think there's going to be a live transmission of the race on BBC at 2.15pm. Cant wait!! I do have a passion for running. Why I am not out there right now satisfying or fulfilling that passion baffles me.

I had so many posts drafted in my head so many times all these days I've been away and now I'm finally in front of the PC, they've all flown out! LOL!! Hope to write another post pretty soon when my thoughts are more collected.


  1. I am first. This has not happened in
    I can relate to how u feel,men dont want their business aired for all and sundry but what cn one do.

    Will forward some pix to ya inbox.

  2. Welcome back. It is a good thing that your man knows about your blog.If he is a private person then respect his wishes and let his part of your life remain private.Stay true to the way you started and you will still have readers. BTW you do not need controversy to be popular, you do not need to be popular to know who you are.


  3. It depends on what blogging really means to you...that's what drives the need to update posts.

    For me, it is a near addiction. Something that I have to curb cos I sometimes neglect other work I have in favour of blogging...

    But in any case, keep your head up and keep up the struggle...

  4. Sweetheart, you know i feel ya on this big time. You have to do what's best for your marriage, therefore i respect your decision.
    As for why you're not out there fulfilling your race passion baffling you...give me a break babe *huffing* know i know why *mischievious wink*

    Luv ya loads

  5. You are not naming names eh? LOL! As a private person, I totally understand your husband's concerns. I hope you find your balance.

  6. Sheesh! Finally a sort of update...LOL

  7. welcoma back and hopefully u can work around the new restrictions.

  8. Its nice to read your update but babe we need to know what kept you away o.Listen to Oga bcos Oko na our crown o.

  9. Its all good as long as we read from you once in a while! But hey! Did hubby say you cant drop comments on blogs too?? Cos i havent seen your brake lights since o!

  10. Just write as the spirit leads...nothing do you ;)

  11. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I think that I have that conflict...except it is not hubby but me thinking...a line needs to be drawn at some point on what can be spilled on the bogsite. You will have to apply wisdom. If you like to write, keep your personal folder diary (if you must do it on a lap top. Journals and diaries are good media of escape just like running and a very healthy habit so keep writing...just think of where and how to write.

    Talk about being in a rut...yours truly I have been in a long one but getting out of it...blogging is taking a break now though. Will let my site visitors know where to find me when all is set.

  12. I was begining to think that u had forsaken us..good to have u back.
    Im glad Mr is now cool with u blogging....they are all like thatmine tried it too but i thnk he understands that its theraputic for me.. i know i have got
    Tell me about this damn weather..we experience all the seasons in one day!!

  13. was going through something similar with my hubby about blogging and facebook. hope it all works out well

  14. Glad you are back... Its good youve talked about it and respect boundaries however hard they are to define.

  15. or how often they may seem to shift... welcome back i missed you

  16. Sis, you havent joined the one post a month gang...?

    Tell me you are not slowly fading away...

    Anyway, kettle, pot, black...later

  17. Ol' girl, this cold weather will do it to you, but don't let it get you completely off track. You must not sacrifice all the good you accomplished. So get back out there, or go to the gym, and keep it up!

    Glad to read an update!

  18. Mmamma mbok remove Guy Horny's link from your blogroll. The virus there na die. I lost some data after it nearly dabarood my laptop for good! Please remove it before it destroys another person's pc. The site isn't even functional again, so it's okay to remove it.
    Take care of you.

  19. Hey CG,

    pls don't let ur passion in "running" and "writing" die...

    Ur mind gets creative when ur put ur thoughts in writings, so don't embarass ur man, but keep writing...(maybe I'm just selfish cos I like the way u narrate events)

  20. I can really feel you. had the same issue and had to start my book series instead.. lol.. just try and focus on other things minus ur private private life.. lol
    hope u feel better now?

  21. Ok!! Come out, Come Out wherever you are cos you been tagged. You could visit me for more details. Cheers!


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