Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter is here once again. Have a lovely Easter Weekend everyone.

ADAURE is part of an entourage - FADE on a trip across the Sahara enlightening desert encroachment with Chief Jibunoh who has conquered the sahara twice and is documenting his third and final trip, taking a team along with him. Read all about their journey across the Sahara on her blog.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Introducing Crystal-Eyez

For all of those nudging me to update. Dont you all get writers block sometimes? Its been getting a mighty hold of me this past month. For those of you who know me and have met me in person, my make-up has always been minimal. I would love to join the group of heavy kajal, wearing, bold make-up wearers but somehow, entering that league has still eluded me. Maybe due to the fact that my kajal (liquid eyeliner, mascara, eye pencil, you name them, I 've tried them) no matter how much I apply it emphatically always wears out before the end of the day? LOL!! Haba. I will get there one day soon.

I have been mentioning to my friends that I must attend a make up school pretty soon to learn the art of putting on my make-up. To embark on this self improvement, I even googled make-up schools in london and found one offering a one week course for £5000 (brushes included) and another offering a one week course for £2000 as well as one by ICS learn for £600. Somehow learning how to make up through distace learning just does not cut it for me. I would love to see, learn and practice how its being done. So if anyone knows of any quickie make up schools out there in town (that I can afford) where I can learn how to strut my stuff, pls put a sista in the know.

What brought on this make-up rant? An email from the ever ubiquitous Bisi oh! So here is introducing Crystal Eyez. The lady knows her stuff. From Architect, Web Designer and now Make-up Artist. She don do pass virtuous woman abi? (smile) I have had a look at her website and I must commend the sista for her bold step into the industry. I look forward to the day when I would transform myself like Bisi did to this lady (Jummy) from this to this effortlessly:

Pls support the newest make up artist on the block and go have a look at her website.