Friday, August 22, 2008

Blissful Weekend

Its been so wet outside all day today. I went running today - as usual. All week, I hadnt had time. We - me and my running partner (RP) were supposed to have run yesterday but as usual, when we woke up, we both looked outside our windows, it was wet outside and texted each other that we should postpone till today. I should put up sometime, some of the texts we exchange when one of us dosent want to go running that day and is trying to get a day off without making it too obvious. They are hilarious!!

The truth is actually she was hurting from exertion from work and me - from the various work outs I had been doing all week. We agreed we would run today instead. So this morning, we met at our usual time and started off on our slow run on one of our longest routes - the 6km one. We got to our first 2km landmark, rested a bit and started off on the second leg. The good thing about running is that after some time, the pain switches off and you just keep on moving without feeling as if you're the one running. Made the second land mark successfully, walked a little bit to rest and started off on our third leg. We got to the set landmark eventually and rested a little bit more, then started off on our final lap to the finish line. We made it back to our finishing line eventually - in 60 minutes. (I know loads of people make this same distance in 30 minutes or less but hey, we're still 'baby runners') LOL!! Back home, did a little bit of training with my dumbells for about 30 minutes, then prepared some breakfast.