Friday, August 22, 2008

Blissful Weekend

Its been so wet outside all day today. I went running today - as usual. All week, I hadnt had time. We - me and my running partner (RP) were supposed to have run yesterday but as usual, when we woke up, we both looked outside our windows, it was wet outside and texted each other that we should postpone till today. I should put up sometime, some of the texts we exchange when one of us dosent want to go running that day and is trying to get a day off without making it too obvious. They are hilarious!!

The truth is actually she was hurting from exertion from work and me - from the various work outs I had been doing all week. We agreed we would run today instead. So this morning, we met at our usual time and started off on our slow run on one of our longest routes - the 6km one. We got to our first 2km landmark, rested a bit and started off on the second leg. The good thing about running is that after some time, the pain switches off and you just keep on moving without feeling as if you're the one running. Made the second land mark successfully, walked a little bit to rest and started off on our third leg. We got to the set landmark eventually and rested a little bit more, then started off on our final lap to the finish line. We made it back to our finishing line eventually - in 60 minutes. (I know loads of people make this same distance in 30 minutes or less but hey, we're still 'baby runners') LOL!! Back home, did a little bit of training with my dumbells for about 30 minutes, then prepared some breakfast.

I had been feeling very tired yesterday evening and didnt feel like doing the home workouts but while sitting on the sofa watching TV, TMF started showing "Most Wanted Celebrity Bodies". I told myself it wouldnt just do sitting down and watching others talk about their exercise regimes and well sculpted bodies and it inspired and motivated me to bring out my dumbells and start the workout I had been trying to convince myself I was too tired to do. Apparently, the stars secrets to those fabulous abs, arms and bodies we see everyday on the red carpet are various weight resistance training and high protein, low carb diets. So pronto, out came my own kit and I started my own weight training too while learning their 'muscled' secrets and tips. If you cant beat them........... lol!

Back to today - Immediately after breakfast, I crashed back onto my bed and went back to dreamland. Nothing like a much needed exertion and exercise to induce sweet dreams. LOL!! Woke up about lunch time and cleaned around the house, prepared lunch and then a friend of mine came around and we spent sometime gisting and gossiping. She said I still look the same and that my exercise hasnt had any effect yet as there is no visible weight loss. I know its a bit slow but hope to get there eventually. We stopped by the park on her way home - there was a carnival as well as a funfair going on there but cos of the rain, we didnt stay for long. Everywhere was too wet.

I'll tell you guys a bit about the home workouts. I love the tricep dips and I do them on my sofa arm. They are killers for the thighs though afterwards. Walking Lunges and Wide leg Squats are some other thigh and butt killers. They HURT! I have shelved doing any more walking lunges or any sort of lunges for the mean time. My thighs are complaining seriously. The crunches are good though. Loads of differnt types to practice thanks to my exercise books. There are a variety of bicep curls and presses I can do while seated and watching TV so I dont have to go to the gym. Very convenient. The only downside is the pain. It isnt exactly painful while you are training, its just that you wake up in pains - aching and hurting the morning after each workout. Taken to popping painkillers in double doses now to counter that.

I had a dramatic assessment sometime during the past week. It lasted the entire day and I was pretty much on my toes the entire time. Wanted to blog about it but having second thots. Huge doses of 'Should I' or 'Shouldnt I'? If I do change my mind, will put the post up. In this internet age, dont want a situation where I get to the next stage of the assessment and the first question I am asked is "Are you Calabar Gal?" That would be so embarassing!! This situation actually hapened to a defendant sometime during this past month. He had been prosecuted for medical negligence and took to talking about the jury and the case on his blog (he was blogging anonymously) while the case was going on although he substituted some names and stuff but somehow, the prosecution got to find out about the blog (Maybe the lawyers or their assistants were bloggers too) but they put two and two together from the things he had been saying on the various posts to determine which case he was talking about. When it got to the prosecution's turn to cross examine him, their first question was "Are you so so and so (Insert name of anonymous blogger here?" Of course, if he said no, that would be perjury and so he had to say yes, he was the anonymous blogger and the prosecution tendered all the pages of his blog with details of all what he had been saying about the members of the jury (oneof his statements had been that the jury were sleeping for the entire length of each court session)as well as other unsavoury things about the case. No prizes for guessing who won the case after that revelation.

I'm off to do some more home work outs and work those arms and abs. Do have a lovely weekend - right now, mine's still on the quiet side. Maybe tomorrow will be more eventful?


  1. imagine i'm first! hhmm on this lazy sunday that i wanna sleep, you just got me thinking of working out. i dont need to lose weight just want to be fit jare..

    you reminded me of an embarassing episode of a particular 'work out' i must blog about it soon. lol

  2. Men, reading about it alone was making my thighs hurt. I am so lazy when it comes to working out.

  3. See how 'easy' it is to lose excess fat?
    I'm sure it would excite you to know i'm on day 2 of my atkins diet.I had to embark on it seeing that I ain't losing the way I want.And I think it's working already.

  4. Ain't nothing wrong with a 6km run over an hour (especially with breaks in between). I really need to get back to my running...

  5. 6km run?i broke out in sweet thinking about
    There is really nothing like anonymous blogging.

  6. @Mimi: hurry up and tell us all about it. LOL!!

    @Temmy Tayo: reading making ur thigh hurt?!?!?! u r a clown!! lOL!!

    @Mrs Somebody: U have?!?!?! Hope it works out very well for you. Will give u a shout soon. Good Luck!!

    @Morountodun: We all do. LOL!!

    @Classybabe: Yeah - somehow, anonymous bloggers always get caught out at one point or the other.

  7. have a good weekend ur sefl!oh its almost over..oh well have a good week

  8. Mmamma, i'm very proud of you. Someone told me about your blog and i must say that it is one of the most intelligent ones i have come across. I now understand why you've been too busy to reply my mails...LOL...
    Way to go with your weight loss also. I'm now comfortable with my new size 12 figure, so i've finally stopped. I'd try and ring you within the week. Stay blessed and love to your hubby.

    from your friend in Catford that has a l'il daughter.

  9. Mrs Somebody, i don't understand why i cannot post messages on your blog. A'way i just read your comment on here and want to congratulate you on heeding my advice to take up Atkins. Remember not to be on it for too long though. It's important to switch to a healthier weight loss plan once you've reached your goal. Good luck to you gal and God bless.

    from eka f..i (as you fondly refer to me).

  10. Girl you are on fire...Keep it up...

  11. lol @ the poor anonymous blogger. Nailed himself. No worry, blog on darl, not read anything implicative yet.
    When will u add a link to my blog from here sef? abi u want bribe (wink).
    Starting my induction all over today, i have been too greedy of late.

  12. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and today you have really inspired me to continue with my summer shape-up. Although I wish I could find a running partner here in the states because left to myself, I have absolutely no endurance when it comes to running and I would love to get into it. However I do love to hike and it can be quite a workout! Especially when I get to the really steep parts, I find myself calling on Jesus to get me through!
    Anyway, just wanted to say well done O!

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  14. @Pink-satin: u have a good week too.

    @Anonymous: Ouch!! Found out!! Who told u about the blog?!?!?! Whisper in my ear. LOL!!

    @Uzo: I'll try. Thanks

    @Princess: Check out the 'Newer Blog' link. I put up a link to ur blog ages ago. (smile)

    @Naijababe: Maybe u can convince one of ur friends to run with u? I've discovered that the days I hav someone running by my side, the runs are way easier than runnig alone.

    @Blogville Idols: Right O!! LOL!!

  15. LOL. That's for me to know & u 2 find out gal. Seriously though, i REALLY am proud of u; can't wait 4u 2 reach your target. Would definitely ring u by weekend l8est. Stay cool. Peace out.

    Your friend in Catford

  16. @Anonymous: No need to find out. I put two and two together the first time I saw ur comment. All fingers point to Mrs Somebody.

    I think Princess was referring to the anonymous blogger who blogged about the jury in his trial on his blog and not you. I mentioned him in my post and thats who princess was referring to not you.


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