Sunday, February 22, 2015

Berrilicious Smoothies

New Years are synonymous with new year resolutions.  I did not make any this year and I do not think I have made any resolutions for a couple of years now - just a strong and silent determination to try and eat right and healthy.  Delving into smoothies is my way of achieving that goal.

Today, I decided to experiment some more.  I looked into the fridge and saw that I had some strawberries, blueberries and bananas.  I decided to throw them together and make a quick smoothie.  While I was at it, I remembered that I had some leftover oats in the cupboard and got those out too.  Did I mention I love roughage in my smoothies?  The oats would see to that.  Out came my processor and we are good to go.

Banana - washed and chopped.  Blueberries - washed, strawberries - washed.  Oats - check. Ice cubes - check and we are good to go.  I dump  all my ingredients into the processor, pour a cup of cold water and whizz away.  I love making my smoothies with good old still or sparkling water.  You can try substituting yoghurt, coconut milk, milk etcetera, etcetera in place of water when making your smoothie.

Voila!! A lovely fruity summery smoothie!! It might not yet be summer but permit me to borrow the term.

I had some fruit leftover and so I decided to make another variant of my fruity smoothie by substituting oats with kale - good old kale.  A step in the right direction of focusing on a healthy new me,

Banana - check, Strawberries - check, Ice cubes - check, Kale - check, blueberries - check and again, I whizz away after adding a cup of water.

Voila!! This is greener than my first smoothie but it is just the way I love it!! Cold, healthy and full of green goodness.

P.S:  It tasted yummy to me but if you feel your smoothie is not sweet enough, you can add a few spoons of honey to yours for an extra zing!!

                                                       My berrilicious smoothies!!                


  1. Landed here by chance (what was I looking for sef? ) and am happy to see one of my fave bloggers still blogging.

    Will give you recipe a trial.


  2. Thanks Kiibaati. I'm glad you stopped by. I've had theberrilicious smoothies for breakfast 2 days in a row and I just cant get enough. They are simply delish and full of goodness. Let us know how yours turned out. Cheers.

  3. This is my go to combo without the banana tho
    There's never a need to add sweeteners, it is just perfect

  4. I have a lot to learn from this your smoothie recipes

  5. I have a lot to learn from this your smoothie recipes

  6. I have a lot to learn from this your smoothie recipes

  7. @Janyl - No need for sweetners at all!! The banana does the trick. Yummy, yummy, yummy!!

  8. @Oyiza - Jump on to the smoothie bandwagon girl!! Its no hold barred - and loads of fun too. You can throw in anything you want to create your own unique receipe.


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