Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Question for South Africans: Why?

It is no longer news that there is a lot of unrest going on in South Africa.  The gory facts are being beamed all across the world thanks to the effectiveness of social media.

Burning, Looting, Maiming of foreigners and several other atrocious unmentionable acts have been going on unchecked, flimsy excuses have been thrown around as the reason for these gory acts.  Excuses like "They have been taking all our jobs and our sons end up being unemployed".  The atrocity has been going on unchecked for more than a week now.  Authorities in South Africa seem to be standing on the sidelines and watching the riots genocide taking place.  Black foreigners are the targets of these attacks.  Their shops are looted, they are maimed at will, harassed and their safety is no longer certain.

Warning:  Brace yourself: there are some extremely gory pictures after the cut.

Why oh Why?  Why are you turning against your fellow man?  Why?  There are loads of South Africans in various countries all around the world.  Their safety is assured and they are not being attacked by indigenes.  We are meant to be our brother's keeper.  We stood by our black brothers during the fight against apartheid.  Why are they turning against their fellow black brothers and sisters?

O M G!!!

O M G!!!

Human beings burnt while still alive!!  Machete cuts liberally inflicted on their fellow men and women.  Shops looted.  The South African government and South African security agencies should put an end to this genocide and take action now!!  Stop Standing on the sidelines!!  Protect all foreigners!!  Protect your fellow men!!


  1. OMG! But why all these?the annoying part is the government ain't saying anything. This is so unfair, the blood they shed will haunt them in Jesus name

  2. This is sad. How do you do this to people?
    God will surely judge.


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