Friday, March 27, 2015

Election Day - The Ten Commandments

All ye Nigerians out there - the time is nigh.  It is indeed hotting up.  The countdown has begun - tick, tock, tick.  You have a little more than 24 hours until the polling booths open and you go out to make a difference.  Your vote, your choice, your right.  Make it count!

I am appealing to all - vote with your conscience.  Who will make a difference?  What has been promised?  It is time to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Let us all turn out in large numbers and vote for those who we intend to elect to guide and shape our country in various capacities for the next four years.  This is not the time to be complacent or stand on the sidelines.

Go out armed with your permanent voters card - PVC and your PVC alone.  That is the only weapon you need.  Sheath your swords!  Violence should not beget violence.  Be wise!! Remember the ten commandments:
  • Thou shalt not canvass for votes on election day;
  • Thou shalt not persuade any voter to vote for you or to refrain from voting for your rival;
  • Thou shalt not persuade or convince any voter not to vote at all;
  • Thou shalt not sing, hum, growl or shout election slogans;
  • Thou shalt not not wear any dress, facial decoration or other decoration designed to intimidate other voters;
  • Thou shalt not be in possession of any offensive weapon;
  • Thou shalt not use any vehicles with party symbols on them in whatever form;
  • Thou shalt not loiter at the polling booth after voting or after being refused to vote;
  • Thou shalt not snatch or destroy any election materials; and lastly
  • Thou shalt not blare siren on election day.
Remember - failure to adhere to these commandments  will make you a "Guantanamo" guest and whether your hosts will let you leave after six months is another matter entirely.  Do the right things at the right time please! I am advocating a peaceful and violence free elections.  God help us all - Amen.

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  1. hahahahah..... that got me laughing,, newaiz i will stay indoors since i no get PVC.. emmm ,,, i sha heard some people were selling their vote for 5k oh and 10k to destroy PVC

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