Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Grilled Fish and Gizzard

My pal made some grilled fish and gizzard for mother's day and I as usual, tagged along, got in her way and generally assisted her.  At a certain point, our dear camera was whipped out to record the historic moments together.  Even though we forgot to take pictures at some points, here is a quick recap of how we prepared grilled fish and stewed(peppered) gizzards.

Grilled Fish Ingredients:
Fish (Of Course!)
Scotch Bonnet Pepper (5 - 6 depending on how spicy you want your fish)
Green, Yellow and Red Peppers ( about 2 medium size of each colour)
1 large Onion,
Seasoning (Maggi, Knorr or any available seasoning),
Sunflower Oil

Step One:  Wash your fish and cut into the size you want.  Blend your scotch bonnet pepper with onions, garlic and pour the blended mixture onto the fish. 

Step Two:  Add the seasoning to your fish, add other additional seasoning like Thyme, Garlic, Maggi et al.  
Stir and mix to allow the seasoning permeate into your fish.  It is preferable to leave overnight in the fridge for a greater flavour otherwise, leaving the mix to stand for an hour should be fine.

Step Three: Line an oven tray with foil and place your fish onto the tray.  Another alternative would be to place the seasoned fish on an oven rack, put fish in oven and grill at 180 gas mark for 90 minutes.  Turn the fish after about 45 minutes so the other side can cook.  They should be brown, dry and ready to eat after about 90 minutes.
Step Four:  Slice your red, yellow and green pepper and fry in sunflower oil.  Season appropriately and pour onto grilled fish (when it is ready) as garnish.  Your fish is ready to  be served!!

Peppered Gizzard
Scotch Bonnet Pepper (9 - 10 large ones depending on how spicy you want your gizzard)
Sunflower Oil
Green, Red and Yellow Pepper (2 medium sized of each colour)
One Large Tomato or Tatashe
Thyme, Curry,

Step One:  Wash your Gizzard and put into a pot.  Add half of the blended scotch bonnet pepper to the gizzard in the pot, season appropriately with Thyme, Curry, Seasoning and put to boil for about 30 - 40 minutes until Gizzard is cooked al dente - not too soft.
 Step Two:  When Gizzard is cooked, strain by removing gizzard from stock and either grill or fry in sunflower oil.  Our grill/oven was busy so we had to fry to save time.  Grilling/frying improves the taste of the gizzard.
Step Three (The Pepper Sauce):  Add the remaining half of the blended Scotch Bonnet Pepper (with blended tomato or tatashe) to the hot sunflower oil.  Add seasoning and allow to fry and steam.  Add the red, green and yellow pepper and allow to fry until a little bit soft.  Then pour your fried gizzard to the pepper mix, stir thoroughly and allow to steam so the stew can permeate into the gizzard.  Take off the heat after about 3 - 5 minutes.

Voila!! Grilled Fish and Pepperred Gizzard.


  1. Oh my I want some of these goodness. Should prep fish this weekend.

    Hi all,

    Please check out my blog,

    Thanks :)

    1. Done the deed already - you rock!!

  2. Ok I think I just became really hungry
    Looks really yummy :)

    1. Are you heading to the kitchen to sort yourself out? Am I invited?

  3. Hello, just visiting your space on the blogosphere...i shall be nosing around quite a bit!
    Great recipe! i make a mean finger licking peppered gizzard but i think i just learned some new tricks from this recipe.
    Thanks for putting it out there to inspire us!

    1. What new tricks did you learn? Pray tell.............


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