Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers - what would we do without them? I have very fond memories of my mum and I'm sure you have fond memories of your mum too.

So today - I'm giving a shout out to all the loving moms out there.
Mom - the alarm clock,
Mom - the time keeper,
Mom - the chef,
Mom - the homework assistant
Mom - the laundry person,
Mom - the shoe polisher,
Mom - the driver,
Mom - the barber,
Mom - the hairdresser,
Mom - the hugs provider.

Being a mum is so much fun.  I was at my friend's home and she told her son "Please go and brush your hair".  I could not help chuckling and asked her if a simple 'Go and brush your hair' would not have sufficed? She laughed at me and told me the response she would get from him if the request came without the word 'please' would be that she was being rude. 

I asked another mom on a different continent if she uses the word 'please' liberally and she informed me that her 'please' is emphatic and stern with her eyeballs rolling.  Isn't motherhood great fun?  I know I would not exchange it for all the diamonds in the world.  Emphatic eyeballs rolling or not, it is these moments that you treasure, sit back and relish with joy.   

The times your child was a baby, the toddler memories, the early teen memories, the teenage memories.  Very precious memories.  So much unending love to give. As we celebrate our mothers today, we say a big 'Thank you' for being there for us and for giving us the memories that we treasure and hold so dear.....

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