Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Happy New Month!

Happy New Month!! I can hear you say “4 days late na now your day dey break”?  You know what they say - better late than never huh?  Suddenly, there does not seem to be enough hours in a day.  At last, today I feel normal again.  I have only just recovered from a fun filled and jam packed weekend.  Phewww!!  Been dragging  myself about like a zombie since Monday and it took me till Wednesday to recover.  My blog has suffered a dearth of posts as a result.  Well, not anymore as thankfully, that phase is over and I’m blazing full speed ahead.   How was your weekend?

I’ll share a bit of how mine went down  - went for an all night service on Friday.  My pal had informed me that she was having a ‘cookathon’ on Saturday so I headed to her place on Saturday morning to witness the ‘cookathon’.  The babe can throw down and I always try not to waste any opportunity to learn something new.  We cooked from dawn to late afternoon.  I’ll rephrase that - she cooked and I watched (and tasted the condiments/obstructions when she was not looking) from dawn to late afternoon.  She made Afang and Fish stew and I made puff puff and pancakes.  Thinking back as I write this, it does not seem as if we made a lot of food but at the time, the sight of the kitchen ehnn, it was as if we were feeding an entire nation.  The Afang came out delicious.  The stew was equally tasty - she made it with loads of fish, chicken and gizzard.  Ah the babe likes obstruction no be small.

She had tasted my pancakes the previous week and requested that I make some for her while I was there.  I was going to try Dooney’s crayfish pancakes but she just wasn’t rolling like that.  Plain and simple she told me - just like the one you made last week.  I informed her that I added cinnamon and nutmeg to the batter I made last week and that was just because I wanted to experiment and see how it would taste.  I love to try out new things.  She was not buying my argument - make it exactly the same way you made it last week she repeated.  I gave up trying to persuade her to experiment  and adhered to her wishes. 

Back to our pancakes - I’m not sure what happened.  Maybe I was still froggy from the all night but I forgot to put eggs in the pancake mix and the first few batches did not quite taste or look so good.  When we finally figured out where we went wrong, there were no eggs at home.  We had to go out to buy some eggs and voila!  Pancake disaster  averted!  The next batch of pancakes came out a bit more delicious than the previous batch.

The puff puff was another case study.  Sometimes, I get it right and sometimes I get it wrong.  I got it wrong this time.  First of all, the mix was too watery and too sweet.  I must admit I was a bit over cautious when I was preparing the batter but that is because Madam told me the flour was not only for the puff puff and pancakes, but that she wanted also some flour to fry her fish.   She had told me repeatedly she wanted the puff puff more savoury than sweet.  When we tasted the first batch, she said they were too sweet so we had to add more flour.  Maybe the fact that I had been planning to use measuring cups but procrastinated about this contributed to the horror?  Excuses, excuses!  When we were frying, my puff puff had arms and legs.  They refused to stay round and cute no matter how hard I tried.  Upon all the abuse I got from her, in the end, she settled on her throne and popped the puff puff into ‘you know where’ (her digestive system).  *sigh = the saying about rejected stones come to mind*
Our Puff Puff 

Our Cinnamon pancakes

I had to leave her late afternoon cos I had a barn dance cum birthday party to attend.  That barn party was the bomb!!  Oh we had so much fun being cowboys and cowgirls for the night!! We were taught line dancing, ate hog roasts, drank loads, mingled, had some ice cream and then indulged in some more line dancing.  Line dancing is so much fun.  Tou dance to the tune of western music, dance, clap, swing your feet, tap your feet, roll your waist, hold your partner, turn around, bump your hips into your dance partner's hips, raise your arms in the air and then shout hee haw!  The part where we all shouted “Hee haw!!”  was the bit I loved most.  Mind you I did not sleep a wink between coming back from the all night,  going to madam’s for catering practicals and then heading to the barn party.  As enjoyable as the party was, I was practically praying for it to be over so I could run off and get some winks.  By the time I got back from the barn party at an unholy hour, I hit the sack straight away. 

Sunday morning - church, came back, cleaned the house a little bit, airport runs, then my own cookathon and it was suddenly time to go to bed.  Before I knew it, Monday morning had arrived. Argggghhhh!!   I dragged my knackered self out of bed and set off to earn a living.  Walked about like a sleep deprived zombie on Monday and Tuesday, trying to catch up on several deadlines I set for myself which were due over the weekend.  Truth be told, I missed most of the deadlines but oh well, but somehow  the saying ‘where there is life, there is hope’ rings true.  I lived to tell the tale.

Anyway, back to my pal - I have asked her to be our guest and show us how she made her delicious Afang.  But that is for another post. Speaking of posts, what is the reasonable number of posts a blogger should put up in a day?  1? 5? 10? 20? 30? 50?  Is there anything like information overload? I ask because the struggle is real.  I’m struggling to put up 1 post a day and one blogger is churning out 50 - 60 posts a day in rapid succession.  Yes, I got 55 emails from one blog yesterday thanks to the post subscription service.    

Ha!! My fellow bloggers slow down with excessive posts per day and pity your readers now?  Did I hear you respond “If you cant stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen”? 

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