Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Call out for CUDA

Calabar - the Caanan City known for its peace and tranquility.  I remember some first time visitors being taken on a tour of the town and being so amazed by the fact the entire town was in such a 'spick and span' state.  One of their comments that had us bursting at the seams was "Dem no dey drink pure water for here"?  Yes, its citizens were that conscientious and everyone worked together to keep the town clean.

Abang Essang Street

Going by the picture above, it is either certain persons in position of authority as well as the residents of the affected areas seem to have relaxed and no longer care.  This is a call out to Calabar Urban Development Authority (CUDA)!  The people are crying out and complaining.  Why are regular refuse collections no longer being carried out?  Why are the refuse bins being allowed to 'run over'?  The stench from this is only best imagined.

This unbecoming sight is popping up all around Calabar and is not a worthy 'tourist attraction' at all.  CUDA kindly step up and take responsibility - let the the adage: "Calabar Clean and Green" be a true representative of the state of the town.

Marian Market
Have you got more pictures highlighting CUDA's inefficiency?  Please send them to: ot tag 'calabargal' on facebook let us name and shame CUDA.


  1. Pollution

    Yep, I thought if I told the truth, my friend would look at me like I was the last banana left on the shelf. The one that no one wants to buy because everyone else has avoided it so you assume there’s something wrong with it. I wanted him to think that someone, somewhere thought I was pretty darn special.. Click I TOLD THE BENDED TRUTH to read more

  2. hmmmmmmm........ Two Day ago I tired to learn Calaber... But My Tough won't let me... lolz

    Abang Essang Street Need Government help ooo.... To dirty..


  3. Relevant agencies should do something fast about this.

  4. It's not about the relevant agencies, people should also stop dumping refuse anywhere .I heard Calabar is a beautiful, I long to visit soon

  5. Can't believe this is the Cross Rivers I have been hearing about. Pls they should do something about it.

  6. No! What is this? Can't be the calabar I know and loved.
    Really, the relevant authorities should do something and the people should be ashamed of this.


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