Monday, April 27, 2015

Dear Neighbour - Put a Leash On Your Children!!

Dont we all love being 'passive aggresive'?  It can be fun throwing shade at others - sometimes in a polite manner but more often than not, in a not so polite way.  I know I more often than not write 'wash me' on dirty dusty cars.  Never been caught by the owners but I hope to God I am never caught in the act.  They just might ask me to help them out.  LOL! Sometimes we manipulate others subtly.  They may upset us but we smile, display negative emotions covertly and hit them in style right where it hurts with a massive smile plastered on our faces.  Found these passive aggressive notes online and could not help but share.  

Culled from Hufftington Post


  1. Omg some people need an urgent brain scan - I don't understand how they think

  2. Lol!
    Passive aggressive indeed. Oyinbos can like to write note sha. I remember my brother got one once about cleaning the microwave and he was so pissed cos my dad(whom he was staying with then) was so mad at him.
    Apparently he never got that kind of note until my brother moved in with him.
    All those cleaning notes no even pain me reach the person complaining that a child runs free. Can you imagine the nerve? saying her dog and bird are being disrupted cos of the boy running around. So in short the child is terrorizing her dogs?


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