Thursday, April 30, 2015

Graduation Memes

This post is dedicated to Delta State University graduates and all graduates out there.  Send in your graduation pictures and get celebrated......  Here are some memes for you after the cut....

Meme Credits: Google; Huffington Post


  1. lolz.... can't wait for mine

    Yes, you’re my brother b’fore we’re born,
    Before that day we’re sent to live.
    You said goodbye and picked a womb.
    Your mother was a mongoloid.
    I said goodbye and picked a womb.
    My mother was a fine negroid.
    Our many playmates too chose their wombs.
    And their mothers were caucasoid.
    Click LETTER FROM A GHOST to read.

  2. hehehehehehehehhe lmao! @ I have to get experience to get Experience.. heheheh that shi cracked me up like mad lmao... heheheh Aswear this school thing ehhhhnn.. Eeez not a joking sturVzzz oh... Bubba if a tell you how many Mathematics i learnt from Year 1 -5 and i havent used in 3 years as an Engr. ehn.. E will shock you.. its cray cray i tell you.. All the ODE na wash... heheheheheh Graduate of the University and you still dunno how to use Semi colon.. hehheheheheeh that killed me aYam Died.. hehehehehehehe lmao.. Thanks for sharing.. this was a fun read.. How are you?! This Calabar geh ehhnnn. She too gbaski biko.. and the crowd goes.. Oooooossshhheeey Turn uP!


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