Monday, April 06, 2015

Happy Easter!!

Happy New Month and Happy Easter to everyone!  As you celebrate Easter, let us not forget the reason for the season.  Christ died on the cross for us and let us reflect on this and his sacrifice as we delve into the plenty food and mede medes we have set upon our table.

Somehow, for me the season was all about food, food, food (which should not be the case).  Chei!! I ate till I burst.  It does not help when you are in charge of the kitchen - you walk in and out at will.  Lord help me.  I swear I added an extra stone this extra long weekend.  It was as if the weekend would never end and now it is almost over, I am already having withdrawal symptoms and do not want this extra long weekend to end.  *sigh*.

Friday was good fun.  We lazed around all day and then went for an all night service in the evening. I had a wedding on Saturday and so went to the tailor's in the morning to get my out fit which was supposed to have been ready (collected) the previous weekend.  Did I tell you about the drama surrounding my dress?  My tailor dealt with me! Let me tell you a little bit about it as the drama is now over and I can afford to laugh back at it.

So I was looking for someone to make my outfit for the wedding and someone recommended this guy with the warning that he disappoints his customers.  According to her, he was supposed to collect her outfit on the day of the occasion and even though he had told her it was ready, she called his phone endlessly on the day to no avail - he did not pick up.  She went to his shop as well and he was not there and that was how she ended up not wearing her 'Aso Ebi' for the occasion.  She however said he does a good job but the only problem was he was not faithful in getting the clothes ready on the collection date.

With this warning at the back of my mind, I called him, booked an appointment and went over to see him. Measurements were taken and a collection date one week to the 'D Day' (Sunday) was agreed.  48 hours to the dday, I called him to remind him, he said the clothes were almost ready, it would be ready that evening and he would call as soon as he finished so I could come and collect.  Fine with me - I told him.  I'll be expecting your call.  The clock tick tocked to midnight on Saturday morning, no call from him, tick tocked to midnight on Sunday morning yet no call from him at about 7pm on Sunday night which was the collection date, I decided to give him a call.  He apologised profusely that he had some customers over on Saturday evening who had an emergency and he had to oblige them and repeated again that my outfit was ready and I could come over and collect it.  

I got to his door and called him (but did not tell him I was outside his door).  He was like oh, I just got in now.  How long do you think you have got to spare cos it will take about 20 - 30 minutes if there are any adjustments to be made.  In my mind I was questioning why he was so sure there would be adjustments if he knew his stuff.  I told him I was at the door.  He said he was coming to open the door.  10 minutes later, the door was not open.  I called again - the story was now, oh I am not in.  My brother is on his way to open the door so you can wait for me.  But you told me you were in, I said.  He said oh, a customer came around so I walked down with him to the station.  I am just around the corner.  I will be with you shortly.  Are you on the train?  No, he answered.  I only escorted someone.  Then later he said oh, I am about 3 stops away - I will soon be at the station.  Which station are you?  Let me come and get you.  He told me.  Me and my friend who was driving got to the station, the next train was arriving in 30 minutes which meant he was not 3 stops away (or just around the corner) as he had indicated.  I did not know whether to feel foolish, stupid  or angry.  

After I sent him a text informing him that I was at the station, he stopped picking up my calls.  The next thing I got was a text saying "please, please go home.  I cant talk now" and refused to pick up my calls after that.  If the clothing was not ready, a simple" it is not ready" would have sufficed.  I would not have killed him.  But to lead me on like a little puppy, oh your clothes are ready come and collect it. Then I get to your place of business and you refuse to open the door! Haba!! One thing I know for sure, he is not seeing my brake light again.

I suppose he got the clothes ready the next day - 24 hours after I was supposed to collect them because I got a missed call from him the next evening.   I went back to his place on the morning of the event and Thank God the outfit was ready and I collected it jejely 'as is'.  What happened on Sunday evening I asked him?  It is a long story he replied.  You know I am not a kid - I told him.  If the clothes were not ready, you simply could have said so and I would have understood instead of posting me like a little child.  No vex my sister, it was just one of those things.  In my heart, I was glad I had given him leeway of a week to make up for any disappointments. Just imagine if we had agreed a collection date 24 hours to the event or even on the day of the event and that kind of drama happened on the day of the event.  High BP!  Rant over!! (smile)  

So where was I?  I wore my outfit for the wedding on Saturday.  It fit smugly although the arms were a bit tight and the dress too long but no way was I going into any more discussions with Mr Tailor.  Not ready for any alteration drama my outfit would be managed like that.  It was great fun and we stoned the bride and groom as much as we could - Sisi Yemmie stylee.  Pictures from the wedding will be up soon.


  1. boo booo....were ve u been? u just went awol abi? u coulda let us see the pix na..newaiz...its nyc to ve u back...xoxoxoxo

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    1. Was I awol?!?!?!? Didnt realise that....... Lol

  2. Okay this might be a tad long oh.. So Brace Yaself.. **takes off brown rubber wrist watch.. Heheheh What!!! train... Oh!! i see.. You are not in Obodo Nigeria... Now i geRRit.. When you said Train.,. I paused and almost went to ask uncle Google which Train station in My beloved Naija was working.. hehehe Some people shaaaa.. They can give you false hope similar to the one you get on the first nioght of geRRin laid **deep sigh... I had the similar wahala with my beloved graphics designer just before #ThePROPOSAL post.. **In Korede Bello's voice.. Him be wan fall my hand bet #GODWIN.. The Jonezing guy was stalling me all the while and hadn't even started printing at a day to the Photo shoot.. Inshort the Jersey was a Plan B miracle that fell through #itcanonlybeGOD.. So this (Mbok pardon my insuklts, he deserves it) Moronic printer was from the lineage of Goliath, so he is just as tall as a coconut tree.. plus huge, so he was literally forming maga maga James bond for me.. And if Papa taught me NoRRin about battles ehnnn.. he taught me how to Shout someone down even if I cant beat them **Covers face.. If you see the way I shouted and insulted the nit twit (he deserves that too) ehn... smh.. he was forced to do a refund.. Aswear Calabar Geh toh sure.. A dongeRRit.. Some of these folks just lazy about doing nathing all day!! but still delay.. Oh well the pain of trust i guess...

    Turn down for what gang?! With Calabar geh toh fine baje baje.. we only have a reason to turn up in style.. and the crowd goes.. Ooossshhheey. Fileh ah! dont touch it..


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