Monday, April 27, 2015

Quirky Costumes from 2015 London Marathon

Nurse Nancy

We all know a  marathon is not complete without the fun runners in quirky costumes who put smiles on our faces as they go past in their regalia.  Yesterday's marathon was definitely not devoid of persons in quirky regalia running the entire 26.2 miles.  

Majority of those in costumes were actually attempting to create new records.  E.g Fastest person to run with a cross; Fastest person to run as a framed painting; Fastest person to run as an elephant; Fastest person to run marathon as a Dinosaur;   The possibilities are endless!  The fact remain though that these runners, don their costumes, sweat it out, have fun in the process and raise money for various charities at the same time.  Such noble acts......

I did cheer them on from my sofa as promised and this post is dedicated to them - see you all next year!!
Mr Dinosaur
The Naked Runner......

'Jesus' with his cross......

Running as a giant testicle and raising money in aid of Testicular Cancer

Running as Prime Minister Cameron and UKIP Leader Farage

Mr Elephant

The 'Fat Lady' In Pink

Big Bird

'Labour Leader' Ed Milliband in green

Toy Story Crew.....

Super Duck?!?!?

The Queen of Hearts

The Toilet Man.......

Mr Buxton.....

Mr Rhino

He actually carried that ladder for 26 miles - Wow!


Peppa Pig

Mr Ostrich

The Naked Runner

Mrs Rat?!?!?!?

Mr Tiger?!?!?!?

Kudos - a job well done!

The clowns showed up too....

Travelling through time - 'Dr Who' and his telephone box

Mr Happy

'Mona Lisa'

Running as an extremely famous 'framed painting'.......

Paul and Laura got married halfway through the marathon........

Santa's Elf

I see u 'Mr Winterbottom'.................

Mr Purple Fairy

The Camels were not left out 

The Telephone Man

Tower Bridge

 The Beckhams aka 'Team Romeo' were there too to support their second son Romeo who took part in the Junior race.

Romeo Beckham

Romeo & Brooklyn Beckham

Team Romeo 
 Photo Credit: PA


  1. Hahaha....creative outfits!! Kudos to them for running with such an outfit burden on them. Lol!!

  2. Interesting costumes.... Sure looks like fun. The dressy part ie. Not the running.


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