Sunday, May 24, 2015

David Obaro (Wrapper Man) Gets Resounding Welcome in Lokoja

Wrapper Man in Lokoja

We are happy to report that David Obaro aka World Wrapper Man has arrived the confluence city of Lokoja.  He got an extremely resounding welcome on his welcome depicted by the pictures below.

Wrapper Man with Lokoja residents
 The reception is extremely heart warming and is miles away from the hostility David has encountered in other cities communities he passed though.

David being interviewed by Channels TV at Lokoja

 The ongoing Wrapper Man frenzy........
David with the youth of Lokoja

Wrapper Man Frenzy

David Obaro the Wrapper Man

David at Lokoja
Please remember that Wrapper Man has to rely on well meaning individuals who pass him along his route for communication with the outside world.  He does not have an ipad and phone and has to rely on well wishers to help him disseminate information he wants put out there.  If you want to be a part of this great initiative and support Wrapper Man's cause, please contact his base co-ordinator using the details below:

Albert Akpong, 11 Adenuga Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos. Mobile: 08039780517

Wrapper Man lost his ipad and phone when a trailer ran over his knapsack in the night.  He is open to offers of an ipad and phone to enable him share his trek with us all.  He is also open to offers of running shoes to replace his current ones which are steadfastly wearing out.
The video below is from Channels TV who interviewed him at the start of his race.


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