Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Do You Stop When You Get To A Red Light?

Under normal traffic rules, you keep moving when you get to a green traffic light, get ready to stop when you get to an orange traffic light and stop at a red traffic light.

I read somewhere that the opposite is actually the case in Lagos.  When you see a green light, you keep moving,  you zoom past quickly at an orange traffic light and when you see a red traffic light, you stop for a micro second, look left and right and if there are no lastma or police officials around, then you zoom past the red light.

It looks like the red light rule holds sway not just in Lagos but in Manchester as well.  Watch the video to see what happened when the cyclist got to a red light.

According to the cylist in the video,

 "Thought I'd just get the lights, hence the speed. Realised it wasn't happening, squeezed the front brake. Cable snapped. Not enough time to lose speed on back wheel in the wet. "

Clap for yourself!

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