Friday, May 08, 2015

Eating In Public - A Taboo or Norm?

Some of us were brought up with the belief that eating food in public was bad manners and a very big taboo.  Food was meant to be eaten sitting down in private.  These days, it seems that is no longer the norm.  I have lost count of the number of people I have seen walking along the streets and munching on whatever food, snack or meal as the case may be, catches their fancy.  I am ashamed to say I have even attended the club meetings a couple of times - after all, the saying is "if you cant beat them......"

Last month, a black lady was pictured on the underground train eating what looks like Amala and some sort of soup while travelling to her destination.  Talk about multitasking on a different level.  She must have been starving and extremely bold to have tried that.  It was obviously not rush hour or she would have had a huge audience watching her 'commit suicide'.  Did she not see the signs about not eating 'smelly food' on the train? Ok, I exaggerated.  Amala does not exactly fall into the category of 'smelly food' but really? What about the discomfort  of trying to balance your meal on your knee or hands? God help her if it was 'draw' soup and the train driver decided to step on the brakes while the balls are on their way from the bowl to her mouth.  Kudos to her for her bravado though........

I'll eat my meal wherever and however I please....

Now another video has surfaced and this time, a man is pictured sitting inside a train cabin, eating what looks like either Eba or Pounded yam with some sort of soup - probably Egusi.  Oh the discomfort!! He seems to be enjoying his meal though but it looks like the constant motion resulted in him spilling some of his soup on the train floor.  *sigh*  Whatever rocks his/her/their boat.  I think I prefer to eat my Eba or Amala on "stationary ground".


  1. Which kain taboo hunger never catch u before Na

    1. LOL!! Eating Chips seems way more refined than 'swallowing' in public - to each their own sha!!

    2. Lolz...tell basket mouth that one and see what he will reply....

  2. May manage to eat chips but can't try any cooked meal.


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