Friday, May 22, 2015

Emmajane and Bassey - Signed, Sealed and Delivered.....

This week, we are featuring Emmajane and Bassey who jumped the broom together recently.  Efik culture was brought to the fore on their colourful day as Bassey Yellow Duke, his dad - Rtd Major General Inameti Yellow Duke and their entire family headed to Emmajane's home in Calabar to knock on the door and ask for her hand in marriage.  
Waiting happily for my groom

The couple tell us excitedly that Bassey saw his bride's picture on a mutual friend's dp and was enamoured.  He pestered her repeatedly until she reluctantly introduced both of them and the rest they say is history.....

'Coming Out' of the Bride
The bride is a fashion designer and MUA who put her skills to the test when she put her thoughts for her 'onyoyo' (dress) down on paper.  Her thoughts were interpreted perfectly by her couturier.  The end result was an extremely beautiful and resplendent onyonyo which caught the eyes of every guest at the event....

The groom and his family gave the bride's family several drinks to get their 'listening ear'.  Drinks for knocking on the door, drinks for listening to their request, drinks to 'greet them', drinks for prayers.
We want a beautiful 'flower' in your home

Handsome Groom - Bassey Yellow Duke

Heading to the bride's home

While the drinks exchange was going on, Emmajane was happily posing indoors for the camera, waiting for them to finish their discussion and round up negotiations .
Dont you wish your hair was as long and splendid as mine?

 I cant wait - Saying I am excited is an understatement!

Beautiful Red Onyoyo

After the bride's family had listened to the groom's request, she was called out and asked if she knew and accepts the groom.  Of course she accepted she knows him - who would renounce such a  dashing young man?
"Emmajane - Do you know this lad?" They ask....

Waiting for his bride
Her family then accepted the groom's family's request for Emmajane's hand who then proceed to provide more drinks, this time to appease the youth men folk and inform them that Emmajane is spoken for and no longer available.  
Beautiful Bride

Smiles all the way to her new home

A girl has to keep busy while the men 'deliberate'
She is handed over (literally) to his father who then hands her over to her dashing groom which is captured in the picture below.

Bride handed over to the grooms parents

Mr and Mrs Bassey Yellow Duke

The groom is resplendent in his red damask wrapper which compliments his new bride's Onyoyo.  He has his royal beads hung across his chest, his golden staff on his right arm and his arm candy 'bride' on his left. His black bowler hat and black beaded shoes complete the look of a dashing prince charming who is about to whisk his princess away.

Emma Jayne and Bassey after the deed........
Sekem, Sekem....

With Emmanuella

Everlasting Love

 Before Emmajane heads off to her husband's house, She had to spend some time in the fattening room learning all the 'tricks of the trade' which includes but is not limited to how to take care of her man.  She was given loads of household effects to take to her new home.

After Emmajane has been handed over to her groom, she then changes into a short wrapper and sits in her  'Mkpoto' where she is given more advice on how to take care of her husband/home.  She then has to showcase all the dancing skills I learnt in the fattening room...

Sekem!  I am 'coming out' of the fattening room

Groom's mum cheering the new couple

The Church Wedding

Emma Jayne and Bassey had their church wedding a couple of days later and it was great fun.  They told us they are really looking forward to starting their new life together.

Off to Church...............

Together Forever
He who findeth a wife.........

My beloved is mine..............

 Mr and Mrs Bassey Yellow Duke - No Shaking!

Oh my days....

The Dashing Bridesmaids

Cat got the cream?!?!?!?

 Such a serene day!

Bride, Groom and Grooms men

With her bridesmaids

She aint heavy...... She's all mine now......

With Grooms men and bridesmaids

Look into my eyes.....

Dashing Groom

Sealed with a kiss....... 

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