Thursday, May 28, 2015

Houston's Flood Filled Streets

Houston - we have a problem

As we complain about the sun and the resultant heat being too much, spare a thought for those in Houston being hit by the massive floods (caused by heavy rain) that has covered the state in recent times.  People are stuck in their houses, stranded and surrounded by huge artificial lakes.  As you can see from the picture above, tall 4 x 4s are being 'swallowed' by water making them look like child's play toys.

I hear the water (flash flood) is seven to eight feet deep in most areas. People are missing, loads more have lost their lives.  Standing water every where, water filled roads, the interstate (highway) being one of them and virtually unpassable.  
I-45 Interstate (Before and After)

Power has been knocked out, roofs have caved in on top of their occupants, spare a thought for them.....
Notice the little red canoe in the middle?
Even occupied coffins have been thrown out into the street by the floods and their occupants have no say at all.

14 Feet of Water Almost Touching The Bridge......
I hear the floods is even causing waste water to spill, structures are being damaged.  Please spare a thought for those in Texas as you complain about your 'sunshine'.

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