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Julian Cole: A Case of Excessive Force By Police During Arrests?

Julian today
The young man in the picture above is Julian Cole, a young man standing 5 feet, 5 inches tall and only 21 years old who until 6th May 2013 had everything going for him.  Julian was an athlete, a footballer and a Sports Science student at Bedforshire University who decided to go out with a couple of his friends and have some fun Elements nightclub in Bedford.  They were thrown out of the club for some reason and Julian for reasons best known to him, decided to go back to the door (of the club) and request for a refund of the money he had paid earlier to get into the club.  He was seized the bouncers security men at the door who handed him over to the police outside the club.
Julian before the incident

It is believed that there was a struggle during the 'handover' by the security men bouncers to the 6 police officers officers outside the club.  Julian was held down by all the men involved who were trying to effect his arrest for a public disorder offence.  This resulted in his spinal cord breaking at the neck and what is referred to in medical terms as a 'hangman's fracture'.  Hangman's fracture occurs when considerable force is used on an individual's head while the neck is pulled back.
Julian after the incident

This young man has been brain damaged, paralysed and in a vegetative state since the incident with special care needs.  This is so disheartening for the family and I can only imagine the pain and trauma they are going through.  Julian's family have come out to fight for justice as they decry the fact that they have still not received answers from the police or the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) 24 months after the incident occurred.  The family claim that the police initially tried to mislead them in the aftermath of Julian's injury informing them that he was talking after his arrest and another told them Julian was drunk which blood tests later confirmed to be untrue as he was below the legal drink-drive limit.
Julian in 2013
Why did the police require 6 police officers to pin down one man while attempting to arrest him?  Julian was unarmed and not exactly a threat.  Surely one or two officers effecting the arrest would have been enough? What kind of force was being used during the incident?  What amounts to excessive force? Was an ambulance diverted away from the scene and not allowed to attend to an Julian who was already unconscious before he was thrown into the police van? Who broke his neck? Why has the IPCC not concluded its investigations two years after the incident?  Pertinent questions indeed requiring answers.  These are all answers the family are waiting for.  These answers wont take Julian back to the man he was prior to the incident but will go a long way to soothing the hurt his family is going through right now.

Visit the Cole Family Campaign Page and support their cause as they campaign for the truth and justice for their son and brother - Julian Cole.

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  1. The cruelty of the society.... So disheartening


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