Sunday, May 24, 2015

Model's BMW Vehicle Burns Down On Motorway.........

For some reason, I happened to be travelling on the motorway and at some point in our journey, traffic slowed down to almost a standstill.  By the side of the motorway was a tall, svelte good looking lady wiping away tears from her eyes.  The sight of her wiping away her tears tugged at my heartstrings for there before our eyes on the fast lane hard shoulder (well at the time, I thought it was the fast lane but the picture seems to depict otherwise) of the motorway, lay the smouldering carcass of her once shiny £20,000 BMW.

It looks like flames came up on her windscreen while she was on the fast lane.  I can only imagine the fright she felt, the panic she must have had at the time of the incident.  I can only thank God that she and her partner were able to flee the burning car unhurt and arrive safely on the hard shoulder without being mowed down by a speeding car.  Fleeing the burning car unhurt and getting across the motorway from fast traffic 'hurtling' at 100km per hour is another miracle in itself.  The fuel in the burning car must have exploded at some point.  Oh the heartbreak she must have felt.  I am pretty sure she and her partner had little or no time to take any personal effects from the burning car.  The black plumes of smoke look so scary!  

I really wonder what caused the fire.  An electrical fault?  I hate to think it was negligence on the part of the driver but something tells me driver negligence is not even a factor at all.  I did not interview her so I cant tell if any warning signs came up on her dashboard.  I hope it all gets sorted by her insurance and that there will be a happy ending to this unfortunate incident.  BMWs can be replaced - they are just metal at the end of the day but life cant be replaced.  I'm just glad she and her partner got out of the burning car safe and sound.

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