Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pictures of Wrapper Man At Lugbe, Abuja

Wellwishers at Lugbe

 World Wrapper Man arrived Lugbe to the delight of the residents who took time out to socialise with him, take pictures and videos of him and accompany him part of the way on his trek to Abuja City Gate.

David Obaro arrived Abuja City Centre earlier on this afternoon completing the trek he started 3 weeks ago on Wednesday 6th May 2015.  He spent 22 days on the road, trekking non stop until he reached his final destination 787km away from his starting point.  Speaking to newsmen on his arrival at the city centre, David said the purpose of his trek was to highlight the use of our traditional wrapper and encourage a shift from using the traditional jerseys and joggers in marathons to using traditional wrappers in marathons.  He said this act would promote tourism and attract investment.

More pictures from Wrapper Man - David Obaro's reception in Abuja coming up....


  1. Remember Wrapper Man's ipad and batter power pack were crushed by an offending trailer while he was sleeping by the roadside. His phone had also developed some fault during his trek and its current status is "quarter to die". We had to depend on passerbys by and well meaning individuals to send us pictures hence the quality. We cant complain too much though....


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