Sunday, May 03, 2015

Rita Chukwudi Gives Thanks To God

Dear Calabar Gal,

I want to give thanks to God for seeing me through 6 years of University (several years of ASUU strike inclusive).  My graduation was yesterday and my family came out to support me.  I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry Education from Delta State University.

More pictures from Rita's graduation after the cut......

Looking into the future

Me and my Momma..

Sweet Momma

My brother and sister in law

My Family

Me and my sister in law

My Family

I am thankful to God because my endless burning of the midnight candle was not in vain.  God saw me through and did not allow me to be victimised at any point in time.  My wonderful uncle and my family made this possible and I pray that celebration will not cease in their lives.  I had a good day and I'm now looking forward to the next phase of my life - NYSC.....
Chidinmma and Rita

C'est Fini


  1. I love news like this...Congrats girl.

  2. Look at you now look at the smiles and look at where you are standing with shoulders high it's a blessing go into the world and conquer
    Congrats 😀

  3. **Shouting.. Go Ri-Ri.. Go Ri-Ri Go.. hehehehehe Ghen ghen congratulations Bubba, bigger you I pray, and may the joy which you feel today flow like the ocean non stop.. Cheers Bubba... Mbok where the after PaRRy at oh!! We must to Turn uP! :) and teh crowd goes:Ooooossssssshhheeeey!

    1. LOL!! Duru - always talking ten to the dozen....

  4. Who is this Duru always making unnecessary noise.


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