Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sisi Yemmie and Bobo Yomi welcome son

Its a boy!! One of my favourite bloggers - Sisi Yemmie and her husband Bobo Yomi have welcomed a son into their family.  A big congratulations to them on the arrival of their "4kg of God's blessings".  He is indeed extremely handsome.  See mini bobo's picture below:

Sisi and Bobo - Welcome to Mummyville and Daddyville!!


  1. Oh Wow!! Mehn this is a very Oooossshheeeeyyy Turn uP! Something oh! I Saw it Lori TwiRRer a while ago and i was excited for her.. **Shines teeth.. Okay so this had me going Awwwgghhh "4kg of God's blessings" It sounded so very Ghen ghen and cute.. GOD's blessings on them both and their little boy today and always, that's my prayer for them ..

    Mbok Biko Jo Please tell her that we will eat Rice oh! As EEzzz not a joking Sturvzzz.. and the crowd goes.. Yeeeaaahh mehn! **Shines teeth.

    P.S: Thank you Bubba for going over to, I was smiling like a fish when i saw your comment on my mobile heheheh.. You practically lit up the comment section with ya Protest on the Written letter... You Rock Bubba.. She is a very ghen ghen someboRRy and so i kinda like her, and her writing.. i Think :) Aswear you do Rock big time Calabar Gal.. :) Cheers...

  2. Awww that baby's so cute..a big congrats to them.


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