Saturday, May 09, 2015

The World Wrapper Man

Yes, you read right! His name is Amb David Adjarho Obaro aka  "World Wrapper Man" and he is undertaking a run/trek to raise over N500m for 5 charities across the country.  David is a Chef, Entrepreneur and also an experienced marathoner who has competed in several marathons in Bucharest where he used to be a resident. The charities David is supporting includes Beach Samaritans - a charity concerned with the clean up of Nigerian beaches and Government College Ughelli Old Boys Association.

The run/trek is on.....

His trek started on Wednesday 6th May when he 'kicked off' through the gates of the National Stadium in Lagos.  His mission?  A 800KM run/walk from the commercial city of Lagos to the capital city - Abuja.  David's style is distinctive as he does not run in the usual track suits or sports gear put on by you and me when we go on runs.  David kicked off his 800 km decked out in his traditional Urhobo attire which comprises a gold shirt and green wrapper - 15 yards long earning him his nickname "world wrapper man".  He will be carrying the Nigerian flag in his hand and his rucksack on his back for the entire duration of his trek/run.

Victory Pose before the trek 
David estimates that the 800km trek to Abuja will take 20 days and he aims to arrive Abuja on 26th May.  He is also using the run/trek to create awareness for the 10km Okpeke Road Race which is in its third year.  He will stop over in Etsako East local government of Edo State to participate in the 10km Okpeke Road Race and is also using his run/trek to create awareness for his upcoming "Wrapper Marathon".

Calabar Gal wishes David a good run as he undertakes his run/trek and we will be bringing you daily updates of Wrapper Man's journey to Abuja.

Any interested persons can contact Wrapper Man's Base Co-ordinator Albert Ukandi Akpong on 08039780517.


  1. no be craze be dis?

  2. All glory to almighty God ,I finished my 787km #LagosOkpekpeAbuja run/walk we'll at 7:10pm on the 27th of May 2015,Na God win ooooooo

  3. A very well done to you - Wrapper Man!!


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