Wednesday, May 20, 2015

World Wrapper Man Arrives Okpekpe 72 hours Behind Schedule Amidst Hostility..

David Obaro
Albert Akpong - World Wrapper Man's base co-ordinator has informed me that Wrapper Man is facing extreme hostilities in communities he is passing through in Edo State.

At Irrua, he was snubbed by Dr Mrs Ogbetere who was not sympathetic enough to attend to him when he called at the hospital at the break of dawn (6am).  She asked him to wait till 8am before he would be attended to not minding that the two hour delay would impede the progress of his trek further.  
David attending to his blisters after being snubbed at Irrua
At Okpekpe, he was heading to the traditional ruler's palace to spend the night when he was accosted by youths who asked him to leave their town.  

We are appealing to the Edo State government to please provide security and a car/backup for Wrapper Man for the rest of his journey/trek.  He will not be riding in the car but their presence will act as  a deterrent to miscreants who may want to harm wrapper man and prevent him from fulfilling his mission.
Wrapper Man at Auchi

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