Sunday, May 10, 2015

World Wrapper Man: Day 1 - 4

World Wrapper Man and his wrapper

Getting Set for Bucharest 2011 Marathon
Bucharest 2011 Marathon
Race Over - Bucharest 2011 Marathon
Adjarho David Obaro is a Chef who was previously resident in Romania but is now resident in Lagos.  He has run several marathons including the Budapest marathon.  David is undertaking a 787km run/trek from Lagos to Abuja with multiple purposes which include:
  • Raise money for about 5 charities he is supporting;
  • Raise awareness about the Okpekpe Road Race which takes place on May 16th in Edo State; and
  • Raise awareness about the forthcoming Wrapper Marathon.

DAY ONE - 6 May 2015 Lagos to Magboro 

David kicked off the first leg of his trek/run at the National Stadium Lagos.  The first leg involves treking/running 451km to Okpekpe, Edo state where he will take part in the Okpeke Road Race.
The trek begins
A seven hour trek/run resulted in Adjarho running/trekking over 21km from Lagos and spending the night in Magboro a town off Lagos Ibadan Expressway.

Stopover at RCCG Camp 

DAY TWO - 7 May 2015 Magboro to Sagamu

Adjarho kicked off the second day with agility.  Along the way, he asked God to protect him from vehicles coming behind him and a couple of minutes later, this young boy rode up behind him and acted as his 'rear guard' for the greater part of the day's trek.
Boy and his horse who rode a couple of km behind wrapper man

The road was lonely at times but in the end, he got to Sagamu where he ended the day's journey and got some needed rest.  Picture below of Adjaro and his Sagamu host Chief Oduwole.

At Sagamu with Chief Oyewole

DAY THREE - 8 May 2015 - Sagamu to Ijebu - Ode

The journey from Sagamu begins at 7am and the destination is Ijebu Ode.  See video of Wrapper man with some friends he met at Ikenne junction.

A break is always needed in every journey and wrapper man is seen in the picture below taking a well deserved rest at Odogbolu.

Wrapper man refuelling at Odogbolu

Wrapper man at Ikenne junction
Wrapper man arrived Ijebu Ode at about 6pm after almost 11 hours of trekking/running.

DAY FOUR - 9th May 2015  Ijubu Ode to Ore

Wrapper man started his journey at the crack of dawn and wrapped up day 4 of his journey when he arrived in Itele town, Ore at about 6.30pm.  It seems he was attacked by some miscreants at the entrance of Tungs Internation Hotel Ijebu Ofe, Ore Expressway but has reported the incident to the authorities in the town.
Day 4 is a wrap

Dinner - Day 4
May God keep and protect you wrapper man.  I am trying to contact wrapper man's base co-ordinator and will bring details shortly about how we all can support wrapper man.

UPDATE:  David was attacked at Ijebu Itele  by suspected ritualists in a blue golf car with registration no YEN 37 AAA.  There were two guys and a lady inside the car.  He was rescued when some customs officials came around the scene and his assailants fled.  The customs officials took responsibility for his welfare for the night and helped get him in touch with the Urhobo community in Itele the next morning.  Be safe David!!


  1. Mehn ..this guy means business OO he's definitely on the verge of making history.

  2. Looking like a Niger Delta man.


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