Sunday, May 17, 2015

World Wrapper Man: Day 11

Day 11 Saturday 16th May 2015  Okpekpe to Iruekpen

David set off from Lagos on 6th May with the intention of arriving in Okpekpe on 15th May with the intention of participating in the 3rd Okpekpe Road Race.  However, due to several delays/skirmishes he has met along the way, where in all the instances, he was delayed by youth for a couple of hours, it was not possible for him to get to Okpekpe in time for the race.

Yesterday, a couple of youths stopped him from progressing on his trek and held him hostage for a couple of hours on his way to Okpekpe.  The police in the town where he was accosted were not receptive to his plight either.

The World Wrapper Man - David Obaro is making a sincere appeal to all out there to contribute in whatever way they can to his campaign.  His intention is to raise N500m for 5 charities.  You all remember that David's ipad, power bank, camera phone and other possessions were flattened by a trailer in the night while he was asleep.  Thankfully he was spared but communication with the outside world has been extremely difficult for David.  If you can contribute in one way or the other to replacing these items, David would be extremely grateful.  David has also worn out his current running shoes and they are in dire need of replacement.  He wears an American Size 13 or Eurpoean size 47 or UK Size 12.5.  If you want to contribute any of these items or support David's cause in any way, please contact his base co-ordinator using the details below:

Albert Akpong, 11 Adenuga Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos. Mobile: 08039780517

Some photos from the Okpekpe Road Race which David missed are below:
Mrs Oshiomole presenting the trophy to the winner of the female category

Gov Oshiomole congratulating the winner of the men's race

The VIP Category/Race underway

Mrs Oshiomole presents the cheque to the winner
David has not let anything stop him and has now started the second leg - Okpekpe-Abuja.  These obstacles he is facing along the way brings into doubt once again the veracity of the previous trekkers and if they actually trekked all the way to Abuja from their starting point.


  1. She has already stepped in nice

  2. ehya...if he finally makes it, Gov oshimole should welcome him oo..those others saying they trekked..hmmm only God and them know the truth.

  3. Nice. Mr Oshiomole got to ne the prettiest first lady.
    Will go over this world wrapper man from the beginning.

  4. Activ8 fellowship will continue to Pray for you .

  5. David, we always remember you in out fellowship. Activ8 fellowship

  6. Hah ewooo oga Davo take heart it's one of the temptation you see in the trekkers club.


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