Monday, May 18, 2015

World Wrapper Man: Day 12

Day 12 Sunday 17 May 2015 Iruekpen to Ekpoma

At the crack of dawn, David commenced his trek from Iruekpen with the intention of heading to Ekpoma.  His journey is becoming tortuous and is compounded by the fact that he has serious blisters on his feet which are impeding his movement but heh - his motto is forward ever backward never.  Aluta continua!  The blisters  on his foot wont deter him and he is taking every step necessary to ensure that nothing is taken for granted.

David wants the entire nation to know that he is trekking the entire 787km from Lagos to Abuja.  He is not cutting short his journey or indulging in shady shortcuts.  He is trekking/jogging in full Urhobo regalia the entire way giving us all updates as he goes along.We have seen pictures of his feet, body as he goes along the route.  Others looked fresh but he is deteriorating lending credence to his trek.  We cant help but cast a shade at how fresh other trekkers looked as they went along their journey.  He has been welcomed by his kinsmen in most states he has passed through and met sever hostile communities as well.  We would say this is the most authentic trekker as several Nigerians have passed him along the way and taken pictures with him.  Same cant be said for other trekkers.

David would like to solicit for assistance and support with his trek from Edo and Delta state governments.   As a citizen of Delta state, he is calling on the government to key into this tourism package and contribute in any way possible to his ground breaking adventure.  Other well meaning state governments and corporations may chip in as well.  His requests include but are not limited to the following:

  • A bus to convey his co-ordinators  and project crew so they can act as back up to him throughout his trek;
  • Camera crew to cover his historic and epic trek;
  • Airline tickets for his back room contributors;
  • Ipad, Power pack, spare battery for his phone; and
  • Branding Sponsorship - World Wrapper Man.
History is being made.  We are appealing to all to be a part of it.  The charities Wrapper Man is supporting are listed below:

  1. Beach Samaritans:  A voluntary group which undertakes the cleaning of beaches around Lagos with the intention of keeping them at an international standard;
  2. Food Library Project:  A project with the intention of researching traditional Nigerian cuisine with the purpose of making it as acceptable to the world the same way Chinese cuisine is accepted by all;
  3. Wrapper Marathon:  Boost tourism ad sports with the use of African material during marathons which will showcase our rich culture;
  4. Activ8:  A faith based organisation supporting the education of the less privileged in the society.  A gap analysis is made to try and close the huge gap;  and
  5. Government College Ughelli Old Boys:  support the school by providing sports equipment and facilities to the school.  
If you want to be a part of this great initiative and support Wrapper Man's cause, please contact his base co-ordinator using the details below:

Albert Akpong, 11 Adenuga Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos. Mobile: 08039780517


  1. Replies
    1. Strong determination cos the blisters on his feet right now no be beans......

  2. These trekkers are all jobless Jare.

    1. Ha!! Gloria tread easy..... LOL!! David has a restaurant - "Grill IT" and is gainfully employed.... This is for charity and even Richard Branson has taken time out of his busy schedule for activities similar to this....


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