Thursday, May 14, 2015

World Wrapper Man: Day 5 - 8

My apologies I know I have not been consistent this week.  Circumstances beyond my control.  I said I would be bringing updates on the first phase of World Wrapper Man's trek to Okpekpe.  Updates below:

Day 5  Sunday 11 May 2015 Itele to J3 

Woke up at Itele and had fellowship with some Itele youth.  David was supposed to see the Kabiyesi of Itele at 10am but that would have taken a huge chunk of his travel time so he could not keep the meeting.
Okpekpe - Here I come....

Passers by stopped to say hello

Shall I get an autograph?

David's sore and tired feet crying out for help

Day 6  Monday 11th May 2015 J 3 to Ore to J4

 David was seen off by the RCCG pastor  - Pastor Emmanuel

At Kabiyesi's palace before the start of the day's trek

About Last night

About Last Night

Day 7 Tuesday 12 May 2015 J 4 to Ofosu

Something terrible happened last night.  David could not find a settlement to sleep so he decided to lay his head by the roadside.  He woke up in the early hours of Tuesday to find his back pack had been flattened by a trailer during the night, his ipad broken and his battery/power bank destroyed.  Thank God he was alive and unhurt.  I hate to think what would have happened if the trailer had run over him.  You are in God's hands David.

David recounts on his facebook page how he walks through the dark thick forests from J4 to J3.  Upon reaching a settlement, the settlers are hostile to him, refusing to give him even water or food and chasing him out of their community.

With new found friends at J3 junction

J3 Junction
David trekked through he night from Paradise to Ofosu and arrived Ofosu at about 1am in the morning.

Day 8 Wednesday 13 May 2015 Ofosu to Ohosu

Do not forget David is trekking for Charity and needs to raise N500m.  I am still waiting for his base co-ordinator to send information regarding how we all can support David and donate to his cause.

David left Ofosu at the crack of dawn - just as the sun was rising and started his trek to Ohosu which is one of the border towns between Ondo State and Edo State.  
David's tired feet......

Please look out for David if you are travelling today, offer some words of encouragement and do not forget to support his cause.  May his trek not be in vain....


  1. Trekking for charity exactly what I wanna hear

  2. Pheeww... Trekking for Charity! Finally someboRRy does it for a good cause.. i was expecting to Read trekking for GEJ or GMB again and that would have confirmed my fears that a good amount of people haf gone to the yaba left to the left in Nigeria. :( Hiya Bubba, whats good?!

  3. lolz. Happy trekking please........ lolz

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