Saturday, May 16, 2015

World Wrapper Man: Day 9 - 10

Day 9 Thursday 14th May 2015  Ohosu to Okada and Benin

David left Ohosu at the crack of dawn with a spring in his step, believing w that Jehovah is forever a better and stronger security than humans who has kept him all through the trek/journey.  After hours of trekking, he finally arrived Okada town early evening.  He stopped in Okada for a few hours rest and then continued his journey at about 6pm to Benin.  According to David and I quote: "No giving up now - loads of catching up to do".  David is afraid he may be running behind schedule.  He got to Benin late on Thursday night, but due to the fact that his battery was down, and no power bank to keep it fully charged, missed the people who were waiting to receive him......

Day 10  Friday 15th May 2015  Benin to Okpekpe

David was interviewed by Silverbird TV and Channels TV.  Channels TV went along with him for some distance recording his feat.  Please look out for the interviews as they will be featured shortly.

David's legs are getting heavy.  If anyone is on a journey from Lagos to Benin, please get some inflamation cream and carry along on your journey.  This may be extremely useful if you pass David aka World Wrapper Man on the way.  He needs the inflamation cream badly.  His feet are crying our for help... 

David also needs a new ipad and power bank as his previous ones had been smashed by a trailer in the night.  Please reach out and support his cause.  He needs to get to Okpekpe today as the Road Race is taking place tomorrow.

Will keep you posted as I receive more updates.

Update:  David's camp informed me that he was involved in two skirmishes today.  The first was with a couple of youths who delayed his journey and would not let him proceed.  The police was involved but they sided with the youth and did not believe that he was trekking for Charity.  We would like to use this medium to appeal to all out there - David is real.  Please offer him as much assistance as you can when he passes through your town.  He is not a threat at all to your community.

David also suffered another skirmish at Iruekpen at about 4.30pm.  He had stopped at Igeduma opposite Jehovah Witness's church to have a look at and attend to his blistered and painful feet.  Two ladies who were tenants assisted him in tending to his feet but  a tall and light complexioned man believed to be the landlord of the building was extremely hostile and ordered Wrapper Man to leave the vicinity immediately.

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  1. Kudos to him...but he should have carried all that knowing the jorney he was undertaking


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