Wednesday, May 27, 2015

World Wrapper Man Delayed At Airport Junction - Will Arrive Abuja City @4PM

Wrapper Man at Airport Junction, Abuja

World Wrapper Man Update:  Reports reaching us indicate that World Wrapper Man, David Obaro is delayed but is still on track to arrive Abuja city centre today.  He was delayed by series of check points, searches and interrogation by the Police at Abuja Airport Junction.   He is scheduled to arrive Abuja City Gate at about 4pm today - Wednesday 27th .  I would encourage all to come out en masse and welcome World Wrapper Man to Abuja. 

 World Wrapper Man at University of Abuja, Gwagwalada gate.  Thanks to Michael Anthony who sent in this picture taken at about 8.45am today - Wednesday 27th May 2015.

David Obaro nears the end of his trek

Wrapper Man

Not Long Now.....
 World Wrapper Man at Airport Junction, Abuja.  Thank you to Mr Omeiza who met Wrapper Man at the junction, took some photos with him and sent them in......
Wrapper Man and Mr Omeiza

Let us all give World Wrapper Man a resounding welcome to Abuja for this great feat.  I have been blogging all through his journey and can attest that he did not take any 'shortcuts'.  Please contact the base Co-ordinator Albert Akpong for details on how to support his cause and charities.

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