Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wrapper Man: David Obaro in Kwali - Abuja

Calabar Gal is pleased to announce that Wrapper Man, David Obaro is making steady progress and has now arrived at Kwali which is about 90KM from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja city gate.

His Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at the FCT City Gate is 2pm Tomorrow - Wednesday 27th May 2015.  We would like to appeal to all citizens to please come out en masse and give David a resounding welcome.  

David has walked and ran the entire 787KM from Lagos to Abuja and Calabar Gal has been giving regular updates these past three weeks. He has conducted his trek in full urhobo traditional attire - 37 yards of wrapper and traditional shirt.  To recap, He is running/trekking to raise N500m for charity and the 5 charities are listed below:

  1. Beach Samaritans:  A voluntary group which undertakes the cleaning of beaches around Lagos with the intention of keeping them at an international standard;
  2. Food Library Project:  A project with the intention of researching traditional Nigerian cuisine with the purpose of making it as acceptable to the world the same way Chinese cuisine is accepted by all;
  3. Wrapper Marathon:  Boost tourism ad sports with the use of African material during marathons which will showcase our rich culture;
  4. Activ8:  A faith based organisation supporting the education of the less privileged in the society.  A gap analysis is made to try and close the huge gap;  and
  5. Government College Ughelli Old Boys:  support the school by providing sports equipment and facilities to the school.  
Details of the Account details to suuport this cause will be released to any interested parties who want to contribute.  these details were not released earlier as the team wanted Wrapper Man to complete his trek so the populace would see that Wrapper Man/his cause was not a fraud.  If you want to be a part of this great initiative and support Wrapper Man's cause, please contact his base co-ordinator using the details below and he will give you the relevant account details:

Albert Akpong, 11 Adenuga Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos. Mobile: 08039780517


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  2. Duru the Drama Queen...... LOL!!!

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    2. Duru dearie, no faint abeg. Make I pour you water abi make I give u kiss of life? It was a compliment. U know u put a smile on my face all d time........


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