Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wrapper Man: Videos

I must admit I was sceptical when I read about David's intention to trek from Lagos to Abuja,  I could not help but support his cause when I learnt that his trek was selfless and he was trekking to raise money for five different charities.  Here are some videos that were shot in the course of David's trek:

A)  The eve of his journey/trek:

B)  Channels TV Interview on Day 1 of  his trek:

C)  At Ogun State a couple of days into his trek:

D) At Abaji - 90KM to the end of his trek:

Please support his cause and contact his base co-ordinator to obtain details of how to contribute and support this great feat and the charities.
  1. Beach Samaritans:  A voluntary group which undertakes the cleaning of beaches around Lagos with the intention of keeping them at an international standard;
  2. Food Library Project:  A project with the intention of researching traditional Nigerian cuisine with the purpose of making it as acceptable to the world the same way Chinese cuisine is accepted by all;
  3. Wrapper Marathon:  Boost tourism ad sports with the use of African material during marathons which will showcase our rich culture;
  4. Activ8:  A faith based organisation supporting the education of the less privileged in the society.  A gap analysis is made to try and close the huge gap;  and
  5. Government College Ughelli Old Boys:  support the school by providing sports equipment and facilities to the school.  
Base co-ordinator: Albert Akpong, 11 Adenuga Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos. Mobile: 08039780517

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