Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hope Waddell Old Boys (HWOSA) Reunion in North America

Hey!! Hope Waddell Training Institute calling all ye Hope Waddell Old Boys worldwide! What are you doing the 4th of July weekend?  Your North America reunion is coming up!! It is happening at New York La Guardia Marriott.  Don't miss it!

Delegates from HWOSA (National ), HWOSA Calabar, HWOSA Uyo and HWOSA United Kingdom will be attending.  HWOSA North America will play host. It promises to be a fun filled weekend.

Rev. Hope Waddell

Patoranking to Perform at CRMBG This Weekend

Patoranking - The "Girlie O" crooner has confirmed that he will be performing at Cross River Most Beautiful Girl Grand Finale this weekend - 4th July 2015.

Vote online for your top 10 contestants.  The contestants with the highest number of votes will slug it out on Saturday.  Cast your vote at www.crmbg.org.ng or HERE.  Get your family and friends involved now! Don't forget to buy your tickets and show up on the night.

CRMBG 2015 - Camp Experience Day 1 and 2

Reigning Queen - Prosper Ayuk

The Grand Finale of the 2015 edition of Cross River Most Beautiful Girl takes place on Saturday 4th July.  the contestants have gone into camp and you can now vote online for your favourite contestant.  The top 10 ladies with the highest number of votes will proceed to Saturday's finale.  You can vote online at www.crmbg.org.ng or HERE.  Get your family and friends involved now.

Here are some pictures from Day 1 and 2 of the contestants camp experience

Beautiful Choreography of Yemi Alade's Johnny

Check out this beautiful choreography of Yemi Alade's Johnny by Petit Bagaza.

Floods, Loss and Tears as the Rains Unleash Havoc In Eket

It is a thing of joy when the rains arrive to wet the earth in preparation for the farming season.  For the people of Eket in Akwa Ibom State, the arrival of the rains has brought a lot of tears and sorrow.  It has been raining non stop for the past 48 hours and the heavens are still pouring as I write this post.  

Poor planning and poor drainage has caused the homes of majority of the residents to be run over by the floods.  Millions of Naira worth of property have been damaged.  More heart breaking pictures after the cut.

15 Unspoken Rules of Courtesy - Do You Agree?

Do you agree with these unspoken rules of courtesy?  I am guilty of No 13 and 15 and hereby repent from my sins.  See more unspoken rules after the cut.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Driver and Cook Strangle and Kill Vice Chancellor

Daniel Ita and Olayemi Bamitale (pictured above) were employed as Night Security Guard and Driver by Professor Albert Illemobade the Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Technology (FUTA) Akure.  The security guard called the late Professor out of his bed under the pretence that the house was fire.  When the late Professor Illemobade opened the door of his home, they jumped on him, strangled him to death, dumped his body in an abandoned store in the compound and made away with the Professor's Toyota RAV4 jeep, laptop, mobile phones and other valuables.

The RAV4 Jeep stolen by the culprits

Cross River Most Beautiful Girls Visit House of Assembly

The beautiful contestants for the 2015 Cross River Most Beautiful Girl paid a courtesy visit to the CRS House of Assembly recently.  The gorgeous ladies are pictured here with the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Majority Leader, Chief Whip and other officials of the House.

Dont forget to cast your vote online at www.crmbg.com.ng.  Cast your vote HERE.  Ten girls with the highest votes will slug it out at the finale on Saturday July 4. Get all your friends and family to vote!  Follow CRMBG on twitter and instagram - @CRMBG.

Cross River Most Beautiful Girl 2015 - Meet The Contestants

The grand finale for the 2015 edition of Cross River Most Beautiful Girl (CRMBG) 2015 takes place at the Main Bowl of the Cultural Centre Complex on Saturday 4th July 2015.  Meet the contestants who are taking part in the pageant.

Online voting to decide the 10 contestants who will participate in Saturday's Grand Finale is now going on at www.crmbg.com.ng.  Cast your vote HERE.  The girls with the top ten votes will make it to the finale. Get all your friends and family involved to decide the top ten finalists.  Follow CRMBG on twitter and instagram - @CRMBG.

See the contestants in their traditional attire after the cut.

FGGC Calabar (Fegocal) 93 Set Give Back To Their Alma Matter

Banner showing Names of 93 Set

The 1993 set of Federal Government Girls College, Calabar had their reunion recently.  They gave back to their Alma Matter by renovating a block of 6 classrooms for the current students.  The renovation project was commissioned during the reunion.  The ladies also had an award ceremony to remember their former teachers who groomed them through the years.  Pictures from the event after the cut.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Sandrea Takes Allen Home To Meet Papa

Beautiful Sandrea

Dashing Allen
Sandrea and Allen
 You know how the saying goes -"When you find a good and beautiful lady, you take her home to Mama".  In this case, Sandrea found dashing and smashing Allen and quickly took him home to meet Papa.  Here are some pictures from Sandrea and Allen's traditional marriage which took place on 25th June 2015.

Beaming Allen

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fruit Training In Lagos This Weekend

    The Countdown has begun.  A couple of hours left for you to register for this empowering training coming up on Saturday 27th June 2015.........
    Learn how to make varied fruits arrangement and receive crafts training......
                                              Fruit Arrangements, Fruit Baskets, Fruit Trees, Fruit Carving, Fruit Kabobs, Fruit Numbering, Fruit Lettering or Fruit Platters - oh the variety to choose from...  Learn the gospel of fruits craft training!

Iya-Iya Crooner Tubee Shares Selfie

Iya-Iya croner 2Bee recently joined the clan of half clad musicians sharing bathroom selfies.  
You Like?
2Bees songs are extremely nice and you know what they say - every little helps so please look out for his CD/Single.....

TuBee doing his thing

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nkechi Azinge Meets Queen Elizabeth

Nkechi meets the Queen
 The Queens Young Leaders Awards took place recently and Nkechi Azinge, the founder of Sickle Cell Aid Foundation was one of the young persons who were privileged to receive their awards in person from the queen.  Sickle Cell Aid foundation is a non profit organisation which raises awareness about sickle cell and its traits while raising funds to aid provision of healthcare for those suffering from sickle cell.

The Queens Young Leaders awards is in its first year and encourages and rewards young persons who have made an impact in their communities either by improving the lives of youths in the community or by helping the youth improve their skills.  The winners were received at Buckingham Palace by the Queen.  More pictures from the event after the cut.

Esther Eshiet Gets To Meet The Queen

Esther collects her award from Queen Elizabeth
Meet Esther Eshiet - a young person making waves not just around her community but world wide.  She runs a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Calabar and is also a Global Shapers Calabar Hub Curator.  Esther was among other youths recognised for their social work in mentoring other youths in her community and got to meet the queen and collect an award in recognition of her achievements.  More pictures from the epoch event after the cut.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kidnapped Winners Chapel Calabar Pastor Regains Freedom

On Saturday 13 June 2015, Pastor Seyi Adekunle was kidnapped from Winners Chapel Province Two, IBB Way, Calabar while conducting a prayer session with his Assistant Pastors in preparation for the Sunday service.  We are pleased to announce that Pastor Seyi regained his freedom exactly one week later on Saturday 20th June 2015.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Horgan Bassey released a statement in Calabar stating that two persons were arrested in connection with the kidnapping.  He added that the arrests possibly put a lot of fear into the hearts of the kidnappers and they took the Pastor to an undisclosed location where he was released.  Pastor Seyi was able to trace his way to the church premises at IBB Way where he met his pastors praying for his safe return.

Neither the police nor the church authorities have confirmed if any ransom was paid to the kidnappers to secure Pastor Seyi's release.  Sources report that during one of their calls to the church while negotiating the ransom, the kidnappers were put through to Bishop Oyedepo.  He reportedly asked them if they knew who they were speaking to and when they replied in the affirmative, he went ahead and pronounced cursed on them saying: "I curse you in the name of Jesus and anyone who pays a ransom to you is cursed".

Bishop Oyedepo was in Calabar on Sunday 21st June 2015 to attend the evening Thanksgiving service held to commemorate Pastor Seyi's freedom.  Read previous article on Pastor Seyi's kidnapping HERE.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Ima Celebrates Milestone Birthday

Ima celebrated a milestone birthday recently.  Friends and family came together at Fenhill Golf and Country Club to celebrate the day with her.  Pictures from her epic day after the cut. 

CRMBG - 18 Delegates Unveiled

The Auditions for the second edition of Cross River Most Beautiful Girl (CRMBG) held in Calabar recently.   The grande finale of the pageant which is a pet project of Belle'sabel Modelling Agency will take place on 4th July at the Main Bowl of the Cultural Centre Calabar.  The brains behind the project is the former beauty queen and Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria - Ms Isabella Ayuk.

CRMBG 2015 Crown

The winner of the pageant will represent Cross River State at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant 2015 which takes place later on in the year.  Grab your tickets and save the date - Saturday 4th July 2015!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ex President Goodluck Jonathan Sends Goodwill Message as Ramadan Fast Commences

Former President Goodluck Jonathan
The Ramadan fast commences today.  Ex President Goodluck Jonathan released a goodwill message to all muslims nationwide stating:

"As we enter into the holy month of Ramadan, I wish the Muslim Ummah a successful fast. I enjoin all Nigerians to join our brothers and sisters of the Islamic faith in prayers for the peace and prosperity of Nigeria. This is a time to also reflect on the virtues taught by prophet Mohammed (SAW) which virtues include concern for the less privileged in society, increased offering of salat and introspection for the purpose of character development. God bless the Muslim Ummah and may God bless Nigeria. Ramadan Kareem. GEJ."

Observing Ramadam is one of the five pillars of Islam.  It is obligatory and muslims are encouraged to reflect, abstain from food and practice self discipline while keeping their minds and bodies focused on good deeds. The Ramadan period will end on or about 17th July 2015.

Ex President Olusegun Obasanjo Appointed Chairman of World Ex-Presidents

Olusegun Aremo Obasanjo

The Man is matching on again......!
Mathew Olusegun Okikiola Obasanjo appoints as the new chairman council of world ex-presidents.
Obj records as the first African to be appointed at the 32nd annual plenary meeting of world ex-presidents in Newport, United Kingdom recently.
He takes over from Franz Vranitzky who was a former chancellor of Austria from 1986-1996 before he later became chairman of world ex-presidents chairman on 1st July 2010 and served  till June 2015.

Past and present

(1)     Helmut Schmidt of Germany
(2)     Malcolm Fraser of Australia
(3)    Jean Chretien of Canada
(4)     Franz Vranitzky of Australia
(5)     Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria.

This is pride of African, Nigeria and YORUBA as a whole.
Ebora buruku ti eniyan n bu, ti Eledumare n gbega.
No more ebora Owu but ebora world.
Dear Yorubas, forgive and forget the past and embrace the pride of YORUBA.
Congratulations Sir!

Source:  Adekunle Moruf

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Winners Chapel Calabar Pastor Kidnapped - N80m Ransom Demanded

Pastor Seyi Adekunle kidnapped

Investigations are ongoing into the kidnapping of Pastor Seyi Adekunle, the resident pastor of Winners Chapel, Province Two at IBB Way, Calabar.  Pastor Adekunle was posted to Provinve Two last year with his wife and two lovely daughters.

Sources say the pastor was having a prayer session in church at about 8pm on Saturday - 14th June 2015 in preparation for the Sunday Healing service when armed gunmen stormed the church premises opposite the International Airport.  The five gunmen shot into the air, grabbed the pastor, bundled him into their waiting get away car and drove away with him.

He was held incommunicado for 48 hours until about 9pm on Monday 15th June when the kidnappers made contact using the Pastor's phone and demanded for N80m in exchange for the Pastor's release.  

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has condemned the kidnapping as repulsive and devilish.  It called for the return of the pastor stating that the kidnappers would incur the wrath of God with their dastardly act.

Winners Chapel (Living Faith Church) is yet to release an official statement regarding the kidnapping.

I stand with the PFN - those who planned this devilish act will definitely not go scot free and God's wrath is upon them a thousand fold.  They do not understand the gravity of their action and the situation they have thrust upon themselves in their quest for easy and quick money.  Read update on Pastor Seyi HERE.

'Boniface' in Village Headmaster Celebrates 70th Birthday

Asukwo Ukwak aka 'Boniface'
Do you remember the soap 'Village Headmaster' that used to keep us all glued to our TV in the 90s?  The septuagenerian above - Pa Asukwo Ukwak played 'Boniface' alongside other actors in the popular soap which included Gorimapa, Sisi Clara, Village Headmaster (played by Justus Esiri), Chief Eleyinmi, Councillor Balogun et al.  

Pa Asukwo Ukwak joined the septuagenerian club on Sunday 14th June 2015.  He is still very active and a vibrant member of his church choir at Presbyterian Church Abuja.  Happy Birthday 70th birthday Sir!

Ayade Signs Quality Control Deal in Germany

Gov. Ayade signing the quality control contract

That Governor Ben Ayade seems to be an 'action man' is verified fact.  One of the promises the Governor made during his inauguration was the provision of a 'super highway' in Cross River State.

That promise has kicked off in full force in Wiesbaden, Germany where he signed a quality control contract with German investors for the Calabar-Ikom-Ogoja-Obudu super highway.

Ayade has departed for Barcelona. Spain where he will attend the Governors' Forum for Climate Change.  He will serve as the Chair of the Governors' Forum and will also deliver a paper at the forum.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Cross River Most Beautiful Girl 2015

CRMBG 2015 Crown

The coveted crown for the 2015 Cross River Most Beautiful Girl (CRMBG) was unveiled recently at the recently concluded auditions which held at Monty Suites, Calabar.  In attendance were the reigning queen - Prosper Ayuk and Isabella Ayuk.  Others present at the auditions included Don T, Spyderman, Joe Esse who were on the panel of judges.  18 hopefuls were selected at the auditions and will move to the next stage of the pageant.

The winner of the crown gets an automatic slot to the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) 2015, a brand new car, a furnished apartment and a cash prize.  See pictures from the event after the cut.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Regina Askia's Daughter Tessie Graduates....

Tessie and Regina Askia Williams
Regina Askia Williams younger daughter Tessie graduated recently.  The proud mum shared a picture of her graduating scion.......  Congratulations Tessie!

World Naked Bike Ride in Manchester

The World Naked Bike Ride is a yearly event held by bicycle riders all over the world to create an awareness of the vulnerability of bicycle riders all over the world and also to protest against car culture, the destructiveness of cars versus the environmentally friendly bicycle.  June 13 2015 was an extremely important date in the social calendar and approximately 250 enthusiastic bikers took to the streets to create awareness for their cause.

The intention was to create awareness of cyclists on the road and getting drivers to be more mindful of bicycle riders.  About 250 people took part in the Manchester event which caused a lot of people to stare as the cyclists rode past.  

According to a participant, "The Naked Bike Race is a fun way to get more attention on to road safety".  See more pictures from the Manchester after the cut.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Naked Bikers Storm London This Afternoon

Thousands of naked enthusiastic bikers stormed London this afternoon to celebrate the World Naked Bike Ride Day.  The theme was a protest against car culture to demonstrate the destructive nature of cars versus the environmentally friendly bicycle, oil dependency and also to 'celebrate the individuality of bikers' bodies'. They rode under the slogan 'Real Rights for Bikes' with the reason for their nudity being to highlight cyclist vulnerability.  The annual event started in 2004 and took place today in more than 20 countries across the globe.  Bikers in London departed from six different starting points - Hyde Park, Regent's Park, Clapham Junction, Kings Cross, West Norwood and Tower Hill rode through the city Westminster where their routes merged and rode together to the finishing point at Wellington Arch and Tower Hill.

Majority of the bikers rode in their birthday suits (they were encouraged to go as bare as they dared) while others had body paint on, helmets, masks (superman and batman were part of the race/protest), and various costumes to add a splash of colour to the protest/bike ride.  A negligible minority had one item of underwear on.  I would say it was a sight for sore eyes and a shock for a couple of tourists (including me) visiting the city.  I'm not complaining though. :) 

EXTREMELY GRAPHIC PICTURES AFTER THE CUT - Go beyond this point at your peril!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Can You Recognise Early Tell-Tale Stroke Symptoms?

Are you able to recognise early signs of stroke?  These early signs include the victim appearing drunk with slurred words and stumbling movements.  The article below has been shared almost 290,000 times on facebook.  It was written by a stroke victim's wife in a bid (resident in Australia) to outline the tell tale stroke symptoms.  Please read and share so all can be aware of and recognise the signs of an upcoming stroke......

In a few weeks it will be 1 year since my 41 yr old husband, and our 4 and 6yr old's Dad had a stroke. While we generally made the choice to deal with this privately, today I have noticed a number of people sharing an article on a 'new sign of stroke'. It is, sadly, very indicative of the lack of public knowledge about strokes that this information is being shared as a 'new' sign. I have done a quick search and noted internet reports of this particular story as far back as 2004. That's 11 years ago! So I feel it's time to put some first hand knowledge out there......  (please feel free to share)

When my hard working, frequent travelling husband arrived home from work one Friday evening:
He didn't mention that he was home later than expected because his pinky and ring finger on his left hand just kept hitting the wrong damn keys, and he had to keep re-typing his emails.
He didn't mention that he'd stumbled for no apparent reason when walking to the bus stop from work.
He didn't mention that the reason he knocked on the door at home to get in was that he had fumbled and dropped the keys a number of times while trying to open the door.
He did mention that he felt like he was getting the flu.
He did mention that he felt like he was having a hyper sensory experience when walking down the dark nature reserve pathway on his way home from the bus stop, with feelings of a heightened sense of hearing.
He didn't have a headache.
He initially seemed, to me, to be getting the 'man flu', and nothing more.
He almost made the worst decision possible, in suggesting he would go to bed early and sleep, after we had gotten the kids to bed, but thankfully (!) is such a workaholic he decided to send one more email.

Ghanaian Man given life imprisonment for stabbing wife

Minta Adiddo 

Minta Adiddo, 38, of Morris Court, Rigby Place, Enfield suspected his 22 year old wife Akua Agyeman of having an affair with their neighbour - Oladapo Etti-Williams when he discovered intimate text messages the pair had been exchanging.  On the night of 5th November 2012, armed with a kitchen knife, he stabbed Akua 15 times in the arms, chest and abdomen.  She was able to flee out of the window but he pursued her across the road and was seen by witnesses stabbing her as she lay on the sidewalk.  Passerbys by came to her aid and called emergency services.  Not content with the harm he had done so far, Minta jumped into his car and  drove over her as he fled the scene.  Akua died 2 months later of  organ failure.

Minta admitted to manslaughter and was found guilty at the Old Bailey on 13th December 2013, of fatally stabbing Akua Agyeman.  He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 17 years on 16th December 2013.

Supply Teacher at Dixon Kings Academy Stabbed by 14 Year Old Pupil

Vincent Uzomah
Vincent Uzonmah - the teacher who was stabbed at Dixon Academy

On Thursday 11th June 2015, 50 year old father and supply teacher Vincent Uzomah reported for duty as usual at Dixon Academy, Bradford.  He had kissed his wife Uduak Imeh-Uzomah and children goodbye earlier on that morning.
At about 8.55am that morning, an altercation with a 14 year old pupil during a science lesson over the use of a mobile phone in class left him (Vincent) with a serious stab wound to the abdomen.  The offending teenager who stabbed him fled the school immediately after the incident resulting in an extensive man hunt by the police.

Dixon Academy
The teenager who has not yet been named was arrested at about 4pm yesterday in Bradford City Centre following an extensive manhunt and is currently in police custody.

Traffic Accident in Biase Leaves 19 Dead

The Mangled Romchi Bus

A 21 seater commuter bus belonging to Romchi Transport travelling from Calabar to Ogoja was involved in a head on collision with a trailer on Tuesday 9th June 2015.  Sources say the driver of the bus was attempting to overtake another vehicle at a bend when the collision occurred leaving 19 persons dead.  The impact of the collision flattened the bus in its entirety killing 19 persons on board.  The bus driver and another passenger were taken to hospital with serious injuries.